I’m allergic to… WHAT?!

In an attempt to continue to narrow down my health issues, last week I made an appointment at the awesome Petaluma Health Center.  A few hours later, I was up on the chair getting three vials of blood drawn to be tested for food allergies and an assortment of other stuff.  I was expecting the results to be for other stuff, but instead, it came up abnormal for six foods I regularly eat – some of them on the daily.

At the top of my list stood WHEAT.  Not gluten, but WHEAT.  Ugh.

Next up came rice.  Then oats… and then strangely enough – apples, bananas and oranges.


I eat bananas on the regular and maybe all the headaches I am combating are not for no reason at all.. maybe I have been having an allergic reaction in the form of headaches all along.  Besides bananas, wheat is definitely a daily part of my diet.  My typical breakfast is either wheat cereal or oats – with a banana.  Since finding this out I been experimenting with other sorts of fast breakfasts but so far am having issues eating things besides fruit and eggs.

I’m still struggling with how to process this new information and deciding on which steps I should take to handle my allergies. I feel like my symptoms of food allergies aren’t incredibly difficult to deal with.   Besides the headaches, tummy troubles are a typical issue and I do get super bloated after eating even very little.  I also wonder if my food allergies are what have been making it so difficult for me to lose weight.

Now, I know for sure that I am not alone out there.  I would say about 5% of my network, that I know of, has some sort of food allergy.

If you do – how do you deal with it?  How long did it take you to adjust to your new way of eating?  Do you feel better now?

Thanks for all your guidance!

Peas and no wheat,



12 thoughts on “I’m allergic to… WHAT?!

  1. Hi April, I really found this post interesting. I would be interested to follow you on your journey. It also makes me wonder if I too have a food allergy, as I also have issues with headaches and tiredness/lack of energy. I have done tests on iron and all that and it came back fine. Maybe it is symptoms of a food allergy? Now for you, are you going to cut it all out? or cut back? perhaps you need to cut it all out for X amount of time and see if you improve? Good luck, Meg

    • Hi Megan! Sorry I took forever to respond. I would definitely get a blood test done for food allergies as I never thought that my headaches could have been caused by that. My bff also has food allergies and was constantly feeling super fatigued. So far, I have just drastically cut back… wheat has been the hardest to give up and I’ve noticed with some things, like bread and beer, I get tummy aches relatively quickly but with other forms of wheat, nothing really seems to be happening…(Like the pasta I had last night). I’m going to try to just eliminate everything once I have finally accepted that this is happening, I think I am still in denial.

  2. I figured out a couple of years ago that it was wheat that was causing my agonizing hip pain (and no pain med would do anything about that pain). My mother had complained about how much her hips hurt during the last years of her life. So after about 6 months of hardly sleeping (because I woke up around 3 am every single night feeling like I had influenza – you know that feeling where the bed hurts your body) I googled hip pain and found a link to wheat sensitivity. I stopped eating wheat and the pain was gone, totally gone, within 3 days. And, without reducing the calories I consumed (I was eating low carb at the time but having a little toast with my breakfast so I just substituted rice) I dropped 10 pounds within a few weeks. Unheard of for a normal weight post-menopausal woman! Now I am so sensitive that I’ve developed full body hives from hair products that contain wheat (and many conditioners, soap, hair-color, etc) contain wheat proteins. I hope it goes well for you!

    • Wow! That is amazing that eliminating wheat was able to do so much for you! I’m glad your hip pain is gone 🙂 It is nuts to see how much wheat is found in our every day products, I know my hair products don’t have wheat in it just because I noticed that since I was shocked to see that it potentially could! I highly recommend Rhonda Allison for face products without any weird funky stuff in them!

  3. I’ve been wondering myself if I have some food allergies and have been contemplating going to a doctor about that. Also, really just to give my allergy issues an update.

    • You definitely should! I would have never thought I had food allergies and was so shocked to learn about them. You’ve got nothing to lose! Well, I guess you could lose a big base of your food that you regularly eat.. but at least you’ll feel better! Haha!

  4. I really recommend the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. An eye-opener and life changer for me. Good luck with any changes you make!

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