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Hi Everybody! I hope you’re easing back into your work-week routine. I had wanted to blog about my first ever 10k (Yes! I hiked a 10k! I still can’t believe it myself) and Thanksgiving but I can’t find my camera cord to load pictures. Booo. But, in the meantime, I have been nominated for a “Versatile Blogger” award from one of my favs, KJPugs! If you haven’t checked out KJ and her blog, you should. She blogs about her life in Florida with her chef husband and adorable puggies. We have a lot in common, like working from home, being obsessed with nail polish, loving brussels sprouts but not the side effects, and sharing a general awkwardness about life. It’s safe to say we’d be besties if we lived near each other.

Here are the rules: If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award! Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to their blog. Answer the 15 questions the nominator left for you. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award with a link to their blog. Ask those bloggers 15 Questions.

Here are KJ’s questions for me!

If you could domesticate any animal and have it as a pet, what would you choose? This is a tough one, because when I saw the fictional mini giraffes from Sokoblovnksy farms I thought, wow, that would be amazing. But I think off the top of my head I would say a hippo. There is something magical about hippos – their tiny little ears, their huge, round bodies, the fact that there are more hippo fatalities in Africa than by crocodile! So maybe they wouldn’t be a good pet. Well, round two. How about I just stick with the whole mini giraffe thing?

What U.S. city would you most like to live in? Least? I think I would die of boredom if I lived somewhere like BFE, Montana. I prefer to be fairly close to a big city – within 20-30 miles. I would most like to live in Pasadena, San Rafael or Big Sur, California.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I have mastered the art of super fast morning routines. If I have time, I’ll be ready to go in 15 minutes – if I’m in a rush – a quick coat of mascara, deodorant and boom! I’m out the door.

What stereotype/clique were you in during high school? I think I fell with the band nerds/gothy/punk rock kids group. I tried really hard not to be cliquey and mostly hung around exclusively with my best buddy Katelyn. But if I was in a “clique” it was definitely the misunderstood artsy kids.

If you had to eliminate a major holiday (Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas- those type) which would it be? Why? I’d ix-nay Easter. As someone who is not super religious, this holiday is just an excuse for me to eat ham and Cadbury eggs.

What is your favorite shape of pasta? Rotini, hands down.

What is your favorite season? I love summer because I’m out in my backyard all the time, but I have to say I really do love the holidays.

If you could start over and pick a different profession, what path would you take? When I was younger I often thought about going into the medical field, maybe to be a pediatrician. Once I got into college and realized how many math classes that would require, I chose my creative path of writing and English. Copywriting and social media has been a great career for me so I don’t think I would change my profession, but if I had to, I might head into the medical realm.

Let’s say reincarnation is real… what would you want to come back as? A cat with a good home. For reals. My cats get attention, food, water, love and a cal-king sized bed in which they sleep in 20 hours out of the day. And when they’re bored with that, they can chase birds in the backyard and lay in the sun. Sign me up.

What TV show can you not stand to sit through an episode of? Ugh, Survivor. I think I get irritated because the hypothetical situations and games the contestants have to do have nothing to do with survival! As in, you’re stranded on this tropical island, so go ahead and crawl on your stomach and assemble a puzzle of exotic looking statuettes and then throw a disk around a peg and swing on a rope to rescue a bag of sand. Survival skills FAIL. I also get angry that all of the contestants look like they stepped out of an Abercrombie ad.

What is your favorite dessert? Popcorn. I know it’s not technically dessert but it is to me!!!

What is your favorite article of clothing that you own? Pajamas! I have this magical pair of flannel traveling gnome pajamas that my former boss Charlotte got for me. They’re super soft, roomy and warm, and they’re the best thing ever to lounge around in.

What is your earliest memory? Hmmm. I can’t really think of one!

Would you give up wearing ALL makeup for a year for $1,000? Nope. Sounds shallow but I have what I call swedish ghost eyelashes (blonde!) so I like to wear mascara. I feel more confident with it on!

What is your favorite Disney movie? Alice in Wonderland – I always loved the singing flowers.

Ok! Now it’s my turn! I’m tagging these five people- but anyone else feel free to play along!

1) Bella from Bella On the Beach
2) Monique from Monique Is
3) Alicia from The Wonder Wall

4) Dre from Mission Meltdown
5) Laura from Luckiest in Love

Here are your questions 🙂

1) What is your favorite day of the week, and why?
2) Do you have any pets? What are their names?
3) What do you sleep in every night?
4) What are your thoughts on Black Friday shopping?
5) What’s the best thing you cook?
6) What is your favorite thing about yourself?
7) Do you wish mythical things like unicorns, fairies, vampires and dragons were real?
8) What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
9) Can you whistle?
10) If you had 24 hours left to live, what would you do?
11) Are you a spender or a saver?
12) Do you name your cars?
13) What’s your least favorite thing about the place you live right now? (Mine – the tiny bathroom! Ugh!)
14) Do you believe in ghosts?
15) What is the last thing you ate?

4 thoughts on “I’m a versatile blogger!

  1. MINI GIRAFFEESSSS YESS! GAHHH omg I love you. So much in common. And WOULD be besties? I already consider you one of my besties. Hope that’s not creepy. Please come visit now thanksss. (I think that’s the formula of every comment I leave you haha. [something about the post] + [how I am obsessed with you] + [request to come visit] errrrrry time.)

  2. What a fun bloggy thingy! I like! I have to agree with you on the makeup thing, I wouldn’t give it up for $1000 either. I need at least a little foundation to even out my skin tone. Once I went to work without makeup and a coworker asked me if I’d been crying…Ever since then I at least wear foundation! (this happened at the dental insurance company not my current gig). Ok, now I’m going to work on my answers to your questions!

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