I’m a FitBloggin’ Live Blogger!

Hey bloggies! This is the first of two pieces of very good news, the second that I’ll share in a couple days (just crossing some T’s and dotting some i’s…). When I first started blogging about my attempts to lose weight, I noticed that all the “big league” bloggers like Skinny Emmie, All The Weigh and Jack Sh*t Gettin’ Fit were talking about FitBloggin’. After some internet sleuthing I found out that it’s a super cool health, fitness and weight loss blogging conference in Baltimore, Maryland. I considered going but wasn’t sure if a small bloggy fish like me in such a big bloggy pond would fit in. Then, there was the cost. As y’all know from my frequent complaining, I’m a grad student by night, so I don’t often have a couple hundred dollars just laying around. With the cost of airfare, hotel and the conference ticket it was just a bit too pricey for me to swing with August’s text books looming! I asked about FitBloggin’ scholarships and then I found out the founder, Roni, had just implemented a new volunteer program. If you were willing to live blog a conference session, you could get a scholarship to attend the conference for free!

I applied, crossed my fingers, did a little rain dance and then I got the email Tuesday morning that I had made it in!!! I’ll be joining 29 other bloggers in September and covering one of the event sessions on the blog as it happens! I am SO excited, and I love that my love of blogging and new media and journalism is converging in such a cool way. Matt is also thrilled because he’ll be coming along with me to Maryland, where he’ll explore DC while I mingle with other fit-minded people, eat granola, do exercise classes and learn about growing the little old Double Chin Diary. YAY!

So tell me, friends – I can’t be the only one getting good news in July. What has rocked your world so far this month?


4 thoughts on “I’m a FitBloggin’ Live Blogger!

  1. Congratulationsssss! You will have an awesome time, I hope you’ll get some time with your hubby as well to explore the wonderful Bmore area!

  2. I’m so happy/excited for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂 Now you’re traveling for your blog!

  3. That’s fantastic! I’m sure you’re going to have the BEST time.
    So far my July has been wonderful – filled with lots of workouts, friends, and family.

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