How’d I do on my 2011 resolutions?

Hi everybody! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s see how I did on 2011’s resolutions. The red text are my comments now. Check back tomorrow night to read about 2012’s goals and resolutions!

  1. Lose weight. 30 pounds would be great, but in general, to be a healthier, happier me with less “fluffiness”. I definitely did lose weight – about 15 pounds, give or take a few depending on the day. Not quite 30, but this is a solid yup, it happened, kind of. Yay! 
  2. Get in shape.  This is another one that’s sort of “half way” true. I don’t really feel in shape now, so I’m going to say I need to keep this up. My fitness level has definitely improved, but I could still be a lot less lazy. 

    I hate push ups.

  3. Blog regularly.  I owned this one! Save for a few weeks when it was finals time, I think I rocked at keeping DCD pretty updated.
  4. Pay off my credit card debt. I definitely kicked debt’s ass! I’m not debt free, but well on my way. 
  5. Continue working hard in grad school.  My cumulative GPA is 3.8 🙂

    Beautiful grad school friends keep me sane!

  6. Learn to make TOM KHA GAI. (Chicken Coconut Soup). Haha. Nope. And it’s funny because this is on my resolution list next year.
  7. Worry less.Well… this didn’t really happen. I did pretty good, until work got really, really stressful and school got really, really demanding. Still working on improving this year.
  8. Cut my hair.  I did! Definitely did! I’m growing it out now but my short curls were perfect for the summer!

    Short hair! Shortest it's ever been!

  9. See my family more. I did! I think we averaged at least six trips up there this year. Here’s a shot of the I-5 looking kind of pretty as proof. 
  10. Teach Leo not to sit on the counters or tabletops. Yeah. Didn’t happen. AT ALL. Ironic that I wrote that because I was just lecturing him (As if he understood, or cared) about how he shouldn’t carry bad habits over to the new year. Oh, Leo…

    Whatz? I r angel!

  11. Keep my car clean(ish). I’ve done very well at this! “Blueberry” remains clean and smelling of lavender. She’s become the go-to car for group lunches at work!

    Blueberry on her birthday last year!

    All in all, I’m happy with 2011. It wasn’t a bad year, and it wasn’t the best year, but it was a good year. There was some astronomical stress, but there were also some incredible times with family and friends. 2012 is going to be great – I can feel it!

4 thoughts on “How’d I do on my 2011 resolutions?

  1. dude! i thought i left a comment here a while back, but it is gone! i LOATHE being told to smile. it is always men saying that sort of crap to women. and the next one to say that to me might just get clocked! THat might make me…lNATURALLY! lol

  2. I too would recommend the book – I read it a long time ago in the mid-80s.I would suggest that Blairism seized the opportunity created by long-term Tory decline to build a broad social and political coalition. While I may not like all that was associated with Blairism, I hope that the centre-left can reach out again politically and socially.

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