Today’s lack of a blog is brought to you by HOMEWORK!

Today I chose to walk for an hour with a friend (earning 7 activity points AND catching up with my gal Kelly), buy my cake decorating supplies, stop by whole foods to buy olives, re-pot 7 outdoor pots with new flowers, clip coupons, start my seeds in a greenhouse tray, grocery shop, buy a new patio set off of Craigslist and watch the Oscars instead of doing homework.

So now? It’s homework time. If y’all wanna see what my homework looks like, head over over to http://www.heardio.wordpress.com. Regularly scheduled programming will be back up tomorrow :o)

(But – isn’t it better to see SOMETHING rather than nothing?)

One thought on “Homework.

  1. You know what I’d like to see? YOU! This weekend?? *imploring look* Perhaps a double date or some such bizarre thing? And homework. I was doing a ton of editing and uploading yesterday at Matt’s house just to finish before the damn Oscar party. I succeeded. Almost. lol

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