Holiday treats and the calories they gift you

      Holiday season is in full swing and by now, many people may have already packed on a few extra pounds to keep warm this winter!  For those who are satisfied with their winter padding or to those who are trying to shed their festive fluff, I’ve prepared a few simple charts to help when you’re faced with a decision over what holiday treat to choose.

It’s easy to assume that much of the edible temptations that arise from October to January are going to come loaded with extra calories, sugar, and fat.  However, not everything is measures up equally!  As you’ll see, when craving a sweet drink to sip while gazing out the window on your winter morning, reach for the  hot apple cider!  Compared to hot cocoa, you can save yourself a decent amount of calories AND sugar!  Peppermint treats like those tasty little dinner mints you’ll find me hovering over at a party only have 21 calories per 7 mints and NO fat.  Candy canes are also a no-fat and low calorie source of sweetness, plus they take a while to eat so maybe by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to resist the other temptations!


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I was pretty upset to see how many calories are in those delicious Lindor truffles but at least the holiday popcorn tins don’t come with TOO many calories!  I can just eat 1 and 1/4th a cup… sure!  It’s also interesting to see how the different crackers add up, Triscuts have the most calories but they also have the most fat, fiber and protein! I’ve always called that the “healthy cracker” because of the shredded wheat but the stats don’t like.  Is the higher calorie and fat number worth the extra protein and fiber?

What kind of holiday treats do you find yourself craving during the winter season?

Have a lovely winter Wednesday and special thanks to Trent for helping me come up with all these holiday treats!


4 thoughts on “Holiday treats and the calories they gift you

  1. We broke out the hot chocolate maker, and I indulged in that way too much (add a little whipped cream too). I love treats too much. Often I’m not really craving something, but then when a neighbor drops off a goodie plate, um … I just want to try these things I don’t often make myself. I am good at putting everything into MFP to track it all. If possible, I try to log it BEFORE I eat it, and sometimes that can change my mind.

  2. When it hits Christmas it’s like I just enter denial mode and eat guilt free! I think if there’s going to be a time of the year to do this, it should be Christmas. I suppose it’s part of the tradition by now, right? Thanks for sharing the information! Please visit my blog if you have a chance =)

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