Happy Halloween!

This morning when I walked outside and breathed in the crisp, foggy air, the scent of Petaluma gave off something besides beer brewing from Lagunitas and cow farms – It smelled like Halloween!

You may not agree, but I feel Halloween has a very specific scent to it.  The pumpkins, especially when carved with a lit candle inside, and the anticipation from children to go on their trick-or-treating adventure all seem to combine  to fill the air with excitement and a certain allure that only this holiday can bring.

I already talked about my favorite part of Halloween with my costumes post, but now I want to address one of the other highlights of the holiday:



To be ready for the holiday, homes must be prepared for trick-or-treaters knocking on their doors so they stock up on bags of candy which sit patiently in cabinets, unopened.

Finally, on Halloween night, the bags are opened and poured into giant bowls ready to  be given away without a single sample taken from the home owners.


Hah!  Is any family able to resist opening their Halloween candy early?!  I’ve heard many times how difficult it is NOT to open those bags early!  I know my own household went through a bag of Skittles a few days ago… even though those hard candies were purchased with intent that “no one would eat them because they’re not chocolate.”  Right.

But since this is a health and weight loss blog – I’ve gotta talk more about what else these little nuggets of Halloween happiness is giving to us besides joy dancing on our taste buds.

With the help of the interwebs, I’ve compiled a list of the calorie, sugar, and fat content of some of the USA’s favorite Halloween treats.  For a bigger detailed list, check out this link!


3 Musketeers (fun size) – 63 kcal/10 g of sugar/1.3g  of fat

Kit Kat (fun size) – 70kcal/ 7 g of sugar/2.3 g of fat

Snickers (fun size) – 80kcal/ 8.5 g of sugar/ 1.5 g of fat

M&M’s (fun size bag) – 73kcal/ 7.3 g of sugar/ 2 g of fat

One roll of Smarties – 25kcal/ 6 g of sugar / 0 fat

Small box of NERDS – 50kcal/ 12 g of sugar/ 0 fat

Skittles (fun size bag) – 60kcal/ 11.3 g of sugar/ 0.7 g of fat

Baby Ruth (fun size) – 100kcal/ 11 g of sugar/ 2 g of fat

One Blow Pop – 60kcal/ 13 g of sugar/ 0 fat

Junior Mints (fun size box) – 75kcal/ 14 g of sugar/ 1 g of fat

Starburst  – 40kcal/ 6 g of sugar/ .75 g of fat



In the past 24 hours I’ve already eaten 6 rolls of smarties – that’s an extra 150 calories… which I suppose isn’t as bad as it would be if they were six pieces of Snickers!  But hey, the day is still beginning, right!?


It’s time for me to go carve my pumpkin so I can make one of my other favorite Halloween treats – roasted pumpkin seeds!!!! NOM NOM NOM!


I hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween and try your best to RESIST THE CANDY TEMPTATION!








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  1. I heard a program on the radio talking about Halloween candy and it mentioned American smartest are called rockets in Canada. At first I was thinking wow… Only150 calories for 6 packs of smartest… Bonus!! But then I realized you weren’t talking about our chocolate smartest….lol

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