Guest Post from Alycia at Wonder Wall – “I Don’t Do Diets”

Hi everybody, give a nice warm welcome to my friend Alycia over at The Wonder Wall! Alycia and I know each other from way back in junior high – and she’s recently lost almost 50 pounds! Read about her wonderful success below, and stop by her blog to say hello!


I don’t do diets.

I love food and hate diets and I always figured that was going to be my eternal problem when it came to losing to weight. I could never do a cleansing ritual or rely on pills to curb my appetite – I’ve tried before with no success. In high school, as an attempt to lose weight, I started using a diet pill that only ended up making me nauseous and jittery. From that point on I knew I would forever struggle with weight loss. I maintained gym memberships that saw me lose more money than weight and occasionally would go to some extreme to help my body shed its excess weight with little to no success. So by the time I got married in 2010 I figured it was something irreversible and unchangeable.

In early 2011 I started walking with a friend of mine in order to get in the routine of getting off the couch and getting at least some exercise. I had twisted my ankle a few months before and when the injury flared up again, I decided to go to the doctor- a place I had avoided for a long, long time. As we were talking about my ankle the dreaded topic of my weight came up… I asked the doctor if there was something wrong with me medically because I was always tired, suffered from constant headaches and seemed to just keep gaining weight no matter what I tried. She agreed to run some tests, but suggested a program she thought might help me: Weight Watchers. I remember leaving the office and not knowing whether to laugh or cry- my doctor’s miracle advice for weight loss was a diet program? Puh-lease! I sat on the idea for a few weeks before I decided to give it a whirl and see what this whole thing was about. I’d heard before that you could “eat whatever you want,” but I knew that had to be a mistake. There was no way you could eat whatever you wanted to still lose weight- that’s why it’s called a diet, right?! Diet= suffering!

Luckily I wasn’t alone on my WW journey as my friend decided to get back into her WW routine and work with me towards our weight loss goal. It was very important for me to have someone who was going through the process with me- someone who I could complain to if needed and someone who could keep me in check. My husband is a fabulous cheerleader, but he also would never deny me any cheat should I whine enough. So with my friend’s encouragement and support, I began working towards a skinnier, healthier me. Six months later I am down 47 pounds and up 100 tons of confidence. I now know I am not powerless against food- food does not rule me, I rule food. And I don’t have to have a treat every single night. Weight watchers has taught me a new outlook on food.

So what have I learned??

The first thing I realized is that Weight Watchers isn’t really a diet- it’s a way of life. You learn valuable life skills with this program that you don’t learn with your typical “diets.” I think this is the biggest key to success. If you accept the fact that you are changing your life- and changing it for the better- then you will continue to see positive results on the scale each week and tracking doesn’t become tedious, but a way to keep yourself in check. And you have to learn the system and make it work for you. I utilize the online tools instead of going to meetings. I use the app for my iphone to track and calculate foods while I am on the go and since I know a majority of fruits and veggies are 0 points, I don’t spend an ample amount of time tracking them. I also got into a routine during the week- I usually plan out our dinners on Sunday morning and go shopping that day so that I know I will be good to go each night when I get home from work. During the week I know I am staying within my points so if I do want to splurge on the weekends I am not killing my progress.

Weight watchers also helps you become more active. I hate exercise- always have and probably always will. But with weight watchers you get points for going out and working up a little sweat. And you don’t have to start by running the NYC Marathon. A 10 minute walk around the block will suffice [and is actually encouraged by WW if you are just starting a workout regime again]. For me, I walk once a week with a friend of mine, play tennis with the hubs when the weather is cooperative, play on our Wii and do the fitness ondemand videos on Comcast and Netflix. I don’t make it about “exercising,” but about having fun. Again- finding what works with for me.

It has been an amazing run so far and while my journey is not yet complete I now have the confidence and the will power to know that I can do this. So, thank you Weight Watchers for not being a diet.


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