I got a Sleeve Surgery Date!

WOOHOO! In what feels like simultaneously the longest and shortest wait of my life, I finally have a date scheduled for my vertical sleeve gastrectomy: Friday, August 24. I had six months of insurance-required classes, and then had to fulfill some requirements like going to a support group, seeing a psychologist, and doing preliminary lab work to make sure my body can withstand surgery. In a little less than two months I’ll be on the table, and should spring awake after my surgery a full 120 pounds lighter. Um, nah – it’s not going to work exactly like that (I wish), but it will be an exciting turning point with my life-long challenge of losing weight.

double chin diary vsg surgery

Between now and then I’m having food funerals, lab work, long pre-op classes, and eventually, a two week liquid diet. What’s a food funeral, you ask? It’s when you mourn the foods you may not have for awhile with a final send off. Think last meal like when you’re on Death Row, except I’m not on Death Row, so I just have to say Hasta La Vista to movie popcorn, cake, and sourdough bread for awhile. Matt and I are hoping to nab the grandparents soon so we can send out my stomach in style with a massive cheese and charcuterie board from the Newhall Refinery… and then once that’s done, I feel pretty good about having properly mourned some old favorites.

I have a really busy month of August with work travel so it’s going to be hectic leading up to surgery, but I’ve also planned it around when I can have a few weeks off to recover and get ready for the remainder of a busy Fall. I’m starting to have slight nerves about the procedure, but for the most part I’m just genuinely excited. I know there are going to be really hard phases and moments where I probably wish I had just stayed fat (and I’ve explicitly told my husband to expect me to probably have a few crying episodes like this), but after seeing so many of my friends and peers have success, I know that this can be the tool I need to get me to my healthiest.

I’ve started making some positive changes, like attending a boxing class twice per week. I’ve also cut out soda, which is difficult for me, as I do love a frosty cold diet coke with a wedge of lime. I’m not drinking anything with my meals, and I’m dabbling with all kinds of different protein powders to see what I like best right now, fully anticipating my tastes may change after surgery. I’m not a huge protein person now, so I hope I can get a handle on that as I know it’s absolutely vital to success post-op. Thank goodness for greek yogurt? (Fun fact: I got super turned off by chicken in both of my pregnancies, so I’m still struggling to integrate chicken back into my diet. Bleh. Nasty little birds. Unless they’re fried. Then, delicious little birds.)

I’m updating my Instagram more frequently than my blog these days, so if you’re interested in following along, follow me on Instagram @DoubleChinDiary. I’d love to have you along for the ride, and as usual, I thank you for all your support and camaraderie. I’m so excited to write what I hope to be among the final chapters of my Double Chin Diary <3


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  2. Putting it on the calendar!!! HOORAY!

    Let me tell you – giving up soda was easily the HARDEST part for me. And EVERY DAY I STILL miss it. But it’s easier to resist now and I do recognize what an amazing achievement that was for me so it feels GREAT. And I know it’s been a tremendous health benefit.

    My surgery was a year and a half ago and now I am FINALLY starting to recognize the visual difference in myself and I’ve really never felt better. It was all worth it. I can’t wait for you to get to this place. You are going to be so happy and healthy.

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  4. I don’t know why, but your “nasty little birds” vs “delicious little birds” thing made me laugh quite hard. So yay! Also, YAY!!!! And girl, I’m going to go shopping with you and help you spend your money like WHOA when you’re ready. Hahaha.

  5. Somehow, me reading blogs about fitness got me to yours. Do share about your progress! Will definitely be catching up with your via your Insta!

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  7. Pre-op I ate chicken 5-6 days a week. Post-op the only chicken I can tolerate is chicken wings cooked in my air fryer. I can’t tolerate the texture of anything else. Taste is a finicky thing.

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