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The past week has been quite wonderful for progress in my life!   Motivated by the success I have had with my weight loss so far this year, I took advantage of the beautiful weather California was having and spent nearly every day outside either walking, hiking, or jogging around.

Aya, myself, and Kristin on our first hike ever!

I spent my Saturday with my two best friends, Aya and Kristin down in San Jose.  Even though we’ve been friends for thirteen years now, this was the FIRST time we have ever gone hiking together!  Typically we would spend our time together getting Snow Bubbles (bubble tea) or wandering through Target talking about the guys in our lives.  This time we decided to hit the dirt path instead, prepared with water and trail mix and ready for a hike that would get our hearts moving as fast as our mouths do when together.  I convinced Aya that we would be able to take it easy as she’s fresh to beginning to exercise again after brain surgery from a disease called Moya Moya last year.  Aya toughed out the hills as her and I followed Kristin, steadily keeping a fast pace up in front of us.  We all had a lot of fun over the hour and hopefully it won’t take another thirteen years for us to hike together again!

Sunday I accomplished a goal that I had on my “Things to do by 30” list.  I made this list a few years ago and originally started out with thirty things to do by age 30.  Some of those goals proved to no longer be priorities as my goals in spending months abroad became evident as more important… such as owning my own dog or living on a farm.  One of the goals I knew I could accomplish though was to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I’ve lived in California for about eighteen years now and never once have made it anymore than halfway across the magnificent piece of architecture that my city is so famous for.  The weather was gorgeous yet windy (as to be expected) as I proudly made myself across the 1.7 miles of the length of the Golden Gate, dodging tourists of all sorts in eager hopes of reaching the other side.  I passed a woman wearing a shirt that said “This is was gangster looks like” with her short hair slicked back yet riding on a rented tourist bike.  I chuckled to myself as I noticed another woman, dressed in incredibly high heels and a short dress with a thin jacket as she tried to walk comfortably with her husband towards the first tower.  Another woman, probably in her eighties, jogged past me with skin only a few shades lighter red than the bridge itself dressed in a neon wind breaker and Ipod headphones.  There was such an abundance of different types of people on the bridge that day and it made me feel so happy that they were all probably feeling the same excitement as I was as we looked out upon the ocean and the city of San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge Adventures
Golden Gate Bridge Adventures


All this exercise surely will help me with my weigh-in on Thursday.   I have decided since I typically do “Weigh-in Wednesdays” to change my day to Thursdays so I would be able to have something to write about on Fridays in terms of my progress!   Last week I was down another 1.6 pounds I believe, bringing my total weight lost for this year to 14 pounds.  Woohoo!

I also managed to find some tennis appropriate shoes for only $5 on clearance at Sports Authority.   I WAS SO HAPPY!  They’re not super cute, just plain white, but for $5 I would wear any type of tennis shoe.  Now I just need the weather to get warmer so I can start rocking those cute little tennis skirts I bought!

I have 2 1/2 more weeks until I turn 30 and quite a few things on my list to accomplish.  Some of things I’m hoping I can get done involved taking a swing dance lesson, running a mile without stopping, and to start rollerblading again.  I think going to the skating rink twice will qualify for “starting” again so I’ll try to accomplish that this weekend without running over any teenagers in puppy love.

Do you have any sort of list of goals you would like to accomplish by a certain age?  I remember my goals I had for when I was a teenager to accomplish by age 30 are things like getting married, having babies, and owning a house.   HAH!  I’m so far from  those goals but it’s quite alright.  I’m loving the way I chose to spend my 20’s and I’ll address those as my birthday gets closer.  😉

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5 thoughts on “Golden Goals

  1. Let’s all walk the Golden Gate this summer! I’ve never done it either (although I have spent plenty of time swearing at bad drivers on it…)

  2. Born and raised and I’ve never walked the bridge. I’ve been on both sides of the headlands and bunkers, but I think it’s a priority this summer.

  3. I’m going to San Francisco for a few days next month and I’m so excited! There was just one age related goal I had for myself, to finish college by age 25 and I did it! Now, I don’t have any age goals. Just taking it day by day.

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