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The month of June is nearing the end.  Can you believe 2014 is already going to be half over?   Time goes by way too quickly and lately I have been finding it hard to do anything that includes sitting down. Unless it is when I am sitting in traffic during my new rush hour commute.

Summer camp is in full swing at the humane society I am now working at and so far,  this job is incredible.  My first two weeks of training brought me all types of new experiences with animals and filled my head with dancing bunnies, barking dogs, and climbing kittens. It has been AWESOME. This week we have our campers, all fifth and sixth graders full of questions, enthusiasm and opinions.  Today I was introduced to the wonderful large group game called “Kelp Help” (a revised version of “Elbow Tag”). Since I’m an awesome camp teacher, I played with the kids and ended up getting a quick workout that even got me sweating!  I had to sprint around a circle playing the role of a shark-dodging seal, as one of  the campers would try to tag me before I latched on to the “kelp” to be released from my role. It was nuts. But the kids were impressed with my short bursts of swiftness.


Last week marked the first week of the Susan G. Komen 24-week training guide.  I managed to walk eight miles last week and this week I have done five so far, thanks to the first official training walk I hosted on Monday. Another 3-day participant, her daughter, my mother, and my two friends joined me to walk through a five mile chunk of my town. I was grateful that the weather was gorgeous and not too hot as we spent our evening chatting about what fitness meant us, weight loss, the effects of cancer on the world, and other random conversation pieces. My feet were about ready to fall off by the end of it as I was still sore from three miles I had done the day before hiking around the Santa Cruz mountains.

All my mileage I have racked up so far has certainly been making me feel all sorts of soreness. However, I also have been quickly feeling much more in shape than even just a month ago. I was down another 3.6 pounds last Saturday at Weight Watchers and am (ideally) another weigh-in away from being down 10 pounds officially since I began the program. It has been a challenge to take off those ten pounds but some progress is better than none. I have a feeling with the walk training and my new lifestyle of change of working to eliminate all the foods I am allergic to, I have faith I’ll be able to continue to drop the pounds.

This week I have been surviving off of yogurt, quinoa mixed with salsa, lettuce, cheese sticks, and grapes.  Mmm, grapes.  ::moment of Napa Valley appreciation::  I am looking forward to finally getting my first pay check so I can grocery shop for more variety! I went to Whole Foods and was saddened by the lack of products that are gluten-free but not made with rice or oats instead.  I did see some corn bread mix that inspired me to research recipes so I have faith maybe I will be able to find some other variety of carbs. Coming up with quick breakfast foods has been my biggest challenge but after some facebook friends made some suggestions, I have some ideas I could do.

Do you have any breakfast ideas for me that don’t include wheat, oats, rice, apples, bananas or oranges?  Thank you 🙂

I hope everyone had a glorious  rest of their week and an even better weekend.  I’m aiming to walk another eight miles before next Monday, I’ll use this blog as a commitment to do it. 😉

Bye bye!






PS – I’m brewing up some great ideas for fundraising for my 3-day walk but once I hit 20% of my needed $2,300 – I’ll be working with my friend and stylist, Ashley Blanchard of Lauthr, to create a “pink hair color” fundraising meter – the more money I earn – the more pink my hair will become. So far I have 12% thanks to donations from lovely people (Tommy, my Mom, my sister, Shannon, Audra, and Linda!) and I am VERY EAGER to get that pink in my hair.  If you have it to spare, please consider even donating $5 to my fundraising!  Thank you so much!


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7 thoughts on “Going at full speed

  1. I love salads for breakfast. Spinach, hard boiled egg, goat cheese, sunflower seeds (or any nuts), blueberries (or cantaloupe, strawberries, etc. etc.). Satisfying and filling. Homemade light oil and vinegar dressing.

    • Mmmm goat cheese… All those sound fantastic together! I picked up some goat cheese but gotta get the rest of my goodies at the store for my week! Thanks for the tips 😀

  2. Hey Alyssa!

    I agree with Samara, I LOVE me a good breakfast salad! We also do a lot of frittatas around here. Basically a quiche without the crust. Dump some scrambled eggs, broccoli, spinach, onions, sausage, garlic, tomatoes, cheese, leftover baked potato cubes, asparagus (seriously, pretty much anything you want or whatever you have leftover from meals past) into a pan, cook on medium for about a minute or two, just long enough to set the bottom/edges and then throw it in a 375 degree oven for 10-12 or so minutes. DONE. And it’s usually enough for a couple of days, so you’ve got tomorrow’s breakfast too! 😉

    Your picture above looks like p-town. If so, where is it??

      • Hahah yah, the rare post by me! I understand why you would think it was Alyssa considering it is her 90% of the time! I gotta be better about writing.

    • I think I’ll make this for my breakfast this week, that sounds super easy and that it will totally get me through my mornings at work! Thanks!

      You were right about the picture, it is Petaluma! The trail runs behind Turtle Creek Neighborhood (on Sonoma Mtn Parkway) and takes you down past Kenilworth Jr High before dumping you out at Leghorn Park by G&G. I love it because I park at Prince Park, go through this little neighborhood trail and then it just opens up to what you see above!

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