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Have you guys heard about Crossfit? I posted about it in my last blog and prior to this weekend, I thought it was a place where only the super athletic went to lift humvees, jump on giant boxes and discuss the newest trends in eating like a cave man. (Remember when I tried the Paleo diet? That didn’t work out so well for me, but then again, neither did anything and know we now it was my craycray hormones. Yay for lab tests!) However, FitBloggin’ did me a solid in that I finally mustered up the courage to try crossfit as I knew I’d be surrounded by crossfit pals like Steve, Alan, Martinus, Erin and Dre.Β I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly terrified about joining the crossfit cult, but I made it through my hazing and I may now officially be a crossfitter.

Nervous and excited for my first crossfit! Photo by Dre at

Nervous and excited for my first crossfit! Photo by Dre at

What happened in CrossFit surprised me, because we only did about 15 minutes of actual exercise with the warm up and actual workout. I know, weird, right?! We started off learning a little bit about how crossfit works from friendly Reebok Crossfit coaches. Crossfit is defined as constantly varied functional movement performed at a high intensity, which means that every time you see the acronym WOD it means workout of the day, and it will always be different. We started warming up with jumping jacks, and then we learned the various types of moves we’d be doing – sit ups, push ups and AIR SQUATS. Now, I can drop it like a squat with the best of ’em, ‘cuz having a big old ghetto booty works well for squat-pros like me. However, I had never done an air squat, and that’s basically where instead of squatting down half way, you kind of drop your butt cheeks all the way to the floor and squat way, way down, using your arms to propel you. HOLY QUADS. I must never work my quads because everytime I sat on the toilet after the class (TMI, but that’s how I roll), I wanted to immediately stand back up. Burning, burning quads! Thank you air squats for awakening muscles that have been sleeping for years.

Steve demonstrating a perfect air squat with Alyssa following behind. Photo thanks to Dre at

Steve demonstrating a perfect air squat with Alyssa following behind. Photo thanks to Dre at

After we learned the moves, we were ready for our WOD – just four minutes of 9 push ups, 7 sit ups and 5 squats. You basically go as fast as you can while focusing on form. I was feeling pretty good because despite my lack of weight loss, I can definitely feel that I’m more physically fit. I think I made it through about five full sets by the time our coach blew the whistle, and by then I had worked up a pretty killer sweat. I stood up, knees shaking, ready for the next part of the workout… and then the coach announced we were done. Whaaaat? The workout was high intensity which was great, but I’m not so sure a 4-minute workout is going to cut it for me. According to my polar I burned about 76 calories, which is great for four minutes, but not great considering my usual boxing or bootcamp torches between 450 to 600 on a good day. I’m trying to keep in mind that this was just an example class so it’s probably unlikely to always be only a four minute workout, but at the same time, cool – crossfit might be great for busier days when you don’t have a full hour to devote to working out.Β  I know Alan and I were both like “Four minutes?! I wanted more!” Change is possible, folks — the girl who dreaded parking at the edge of the grocery store lot is asking for more cardio. Amazing!

My four minute taste was enough to get me intrigued, so in a few weeks, I’m going to check out Golden State Crossfit with my local fitbloggin’ friend Paula. She lives only 15 minutes away from me! Until then, tell me — what have you heard about crossfit? Would you try it? If you have tried it, do you like it?



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  1. I get that it was only supposed to be a “demo” WOD, but that workout sucked, and was a pretty poor representation of what CrossFit is.

    Typically a class is an hour, and you are working the entire time. There are short WODs, but when that happens there is usually some sort of strength workout, or you work on a particular skill (like double unders or hand stand push ups).

    I know they were limited in what they could do in a hotel, but they had the same limitations last year and the workout was WAY better!

    Hope you enjoy your workout at Golden State! It will definitely be worth checking out, I’m sure. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve never tried CrossFit, and I have zero intention of doing so any time soon. My biggest reason is cost. It’s far too expensive for me. Secondly, I go to physical therapy and there are too many people who I see come and go after cross fit injuries. The local cross fit box near me must not bother to monitor people, to watch their form or anything of the sort because these people come in with basic injuries that could have been avoided if someone was there to help them. So it’s totally turned me off. I know each box is owned by someone different, so this isn’t the case everywhere, thankfully, but it’s still sad to see. i’ll stick to my workouts in the basement for now πŸ˜‰

  3. I tried crossfit a few months ago when a local box was doing a free session….woooo weeee did that hurt! Our WOD was 15 minutes that day (not including warm up or stretching afterwards). The WOD included burpees and running along with squats and crunches and I wanted to puke about 60 seconds into it. After it was all done I was “I can’t sit on the toilet sore for a week”!

  4. I wanted to do this session but needed to choose between jumpsport and this so I could get some breakfast in. It sounds like I chose well.

    I have a groupon for crossfit and will be trying it soon. Please post how it went at a “real” session.

  5. Yea, I think that you did an awesome job – just wish that they actually did a full 15-20 minute MET CON WOD so that people could get a TRUE feeling for a crossfit class. You should def try one out at a local box!

  6. The trampoline workout was by far my favorite of FitBloggin!
    This past Spring I gave Cross Fit a try – a local box had a 6-session “on ramp” (intro) course to learn the equipment, moves, etc. I then gave it 1 month at the box and it just wasn’t my workout jam. The box focused so much on heavy, heavy, lifting and that just wasn’t for me.
    Hope you enjoy checking out a full workout!

    • I’m excited to try it out and see how it goes for me. I’m not much of a weights girl — I tend to like aggresive cardio like bootcamp and boxing, so we’ll see how this goes. Thanks for commenting!

  7. I’ve never done crossfit, but I have a coworker that loves it! From what I understand the WODs are usually right around 45 minutes. She goes 2-3 times a week and seems to get enough. I’ve never tried it because it’s so expensive and not something that I can afford long term. I don’t want to go and love it, so I just don’t go.

  8. I am not a crossfitter, mainly because the emphasis on more and faster often conflict with the idea of perfect form. I’m all about perfect form.

    That said, I do crossfit-like workouts. They consist of strength components like oly lifts, plus lots of bodyweight exercises. They kill!

    And, as an FYI, squatting all the way down (ass to grass) is better for your knees than half-way squats. And a much better workout. Though you should feel it more in the glutes than the quads.

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  10. I’m so glad to hear that you’re interested in finding out more. I think that was definitely the point of the class: To tease you with a bit of CrossFit’s approach to fitness (they talked more than they showed it) but not to overwhelm anyone, especially those who were scared to be there to begin with.

    I coach CrossFit and I think they did a great job of explaining the what/why and teaching the three movements we did do, with modifications. However, I think they could’ve made better use of the time they had and been more creative. It would’ve been great to see a team or partner WOD and that could’ve taken up another 20 minutes.

  11. I’m down to try out golden state with you guys (totally just inviting myself along). I tried it once before while visiting a friend and I enjoyed it.

  12. Great post. I love your humor. πŸ™‚ And as most people have said, yes normal WODs are usually longer. At our box, it’s usually 15-20 min for a warm up, skill work, then the WOD so you’re working the whole hour. I think they just wanted to give everyone a sampler to show how it’s perfectly doable at any fitness level. You should definitely try it at a local box. Check Groupon for a trail deal.

    • It’s ninjarina!!! Loved meeting you. Okay… so the four minute workout is a unicorn. Sad. But good at the same time. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  13. Ok, so, I saw some negative Crossfit buzz above, so I thought I would share my experience.
    Since you may be getting ready to drive out to Sh’oaks, I suggest you try CrossFit Sherman Oaks on Kester.
    I had a groupon for that place and I really loved the people. The workouts are hard (and much longer than what you experienced) but I constantly had people checking my form and cheering my on. So, I was never worried about getting injured at this particular gym. I also have a group of friends that swear by it. They LOVE Crossfit. Ultimately, I didn’t stick with it because 1)its pricey and 2)driving straight from the ‘bu to sh’oaks on a regular basis was not going to happen for me. too far.

  14. Personally I felt let down by the Crossfit session. I’m not intimidated by squats, sit ups, and push ups. I would have liked to try something new. However, the fast pace was fun and I felt good afterwards. But it’s wasn’t really a “good” workout. I wish I had I signed up for the trampoline but my “craycray hormones” had me worried about too much jumping! πŸ˜‰

  15. 4 minutes? Too short. But 76 calories in 4 minutes is pretty freakin’ good. I mean, if you run a mile you burn between 100-150, and it can take 10 minutes to do that!

  16. I didn’t do Crossfit because it was the same day as that crazy trampoline class… I was a little curious, I’ll admit. Especially now that I have purple sneaks made for just that!

    I may just try it… stay tuned!

  17. I would looooooooooooove to try Crossfit, but I cannot justify the cost when I have a free company gym to use. A friend of mine coaches at a box about 2 hours from me, so I may see if she can put me through the paces someday.

  18. There was no way my knees could have survived CrossFit this year, but I’m hoping to try it at the next FitBloggin’ – I have the shoes for it and everything! πŸ˜€

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