fullbeauty Bra Review – Lace Soft Cup Camisole by Comfort Choice

Y’all know I am well-endowed in the boobular region. (Yep – gentlemen – it’s another one of THOSE posts. You may want to head over to ESPN.com for now, and come back tomorrow for a guacahummus recipe.) I remember with a grimace something that happened at one of my college jobs. My boss was a very well-off older fellow who frequently liked to make inappropriate comments and must have thought having money was his pass for being a dirty old man. On my way to work, the little stitch in the v-neck of my blouse had split, leaving me all kinds of bare, showing off waaaaay more of the girls than is appropriate for the office. I found a safety pin in my backpack (thank God for my high-school punk rock days), and clipped the shirt to hide my tumbling tatas. I thought I was being slick until I got in the office and my boss pointed at my chest and said “What’s that all about?”. I blushed about 50 shades of red and stammered that I was having a wardrobe malfunction. In my haste to cover up my little snafu, I ended up making it more obvious. LE SIGH. This is where I wish inventions like the Lace Cami Bra had been around a few years back. Ugh… Does anyone else have any embarassing boob moments? Anyways…

My "before" picture !

My “before” picture !

I’ve tried the Cami-Secret, and I thought it was weird. It’s almost too much coverage, making me feel like an Amish lady with a shameful chest. I like my girls, so it’s fine to have a small, feminine amount of cleavage – just not the “Hey boys!” kind, so when my friends at fullbeauty offered my sister and I the chance to review their new lace cami bra in exchange for a complimentary bra, I couldn’t turn them down. Because nothing is better than photographic proof, here’s my “before” photo. This dress is one of my faves – comfy, flowy, cute and feminine. The fit is great, but without a camisole underneath, I’m in boob city. If I’m not wearing a camisole underneath it, I’m tugging at it all, self-conscious that I’m giving the world an unintentional show. I avoided bending over or squishing my arms here to avoid making this pornographic, but you can see even from this photo that things get a little low-cut.

FullBeauty Plus Size Comfort Choice Lace Cami Bra!

Trying out the FullBeauty Plus Size Comfort Choice Lace Cami Bra!

Now I’m wearing the bra, and TA DAAAA! No more endless v-neck. One of my favorite things about this bra is that there’s no underwire. Because it’s wireless it won’t be your most supportive bra, but for layering, this is a definite win. I was initially worried it would itch because of the lace, but that hasn’t been a problem.

FullBeauty Lace Cami SoftCup Bra in Lavender Tulip

FullBeauty Lace Cami SoftCup Bra in Lavender Tulip





I’d definitely recommend this bra for any gal who’s looking for a more modest look without sacrificing the sexy. It comes in a bazillion different colors and ranges from 36B to 54G at $14.99-$29.99. My only slight complaint about the bra is there’s a seam right across the cup of the bra and I feel like under a light material you might be able to see it, but then I realized that the lace texture would offset that anyways, so I really can’t see any drawback to this bra.

So – now that we’ve had our weekly girl chat, you should go check out the Annual Bra Sale at fullbeauty. There are bras up to 75% off ranging from cotton “weekend” bras to sexy-might-end-up-on-the-floor bras, like this one. I also have this to say about bras – as someone who always bought whatever was cheap at Ross, I now know it’s a million times better to invest in a nice quality bra. A bra that fits you well and is made out of durable material will last you ten times longer than a cheapy from Forever 21 – and you’ll look better, too. It’s kind of like purses and makeup. Cheap ones are fun for a quick fix, but for something that’s going to stick with you through long days, you’ll want to spend a little more. If it’s time for you to get some new bras, stock up now (Valentine’s Day is on its way!), use coupon code FBA9009 for 20% Off Highest Priced Item + Free Shipping on $50+. (Expires 03/31/13). Not in the shopping mood? That’s ok – “like” fullbeauty on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest sales and promotions.

Ok gals, now that we have a solution to boob overflow, share – what are some of your boob-related embarassing moments? (There’s also that time my boob pressed the keyboard in a work presentation and typed a bunch of punctuation marks on my powerpoint. Now THAT was an icebreaker…)

6 thoughts on “fullbeauty Bra Review – Lace Soft Cup Camisole by Comfort Choice

  1. How about…yesterday I had a weird tingly feeling my left one and wanted to scratch SO badly! Unfortunately…office full of dudes…no privacy. Itchy boob all day. Also, it angers me that men (like your former boss) think it’s okay to make comments about women’s bodies.

  2. I need to invest in a good bra one of these days…then I will be a real adult. Ha. Also congrats on the loss this week!! You’re doing fabulously!

  3. Yes, Alyssa “boob overflow” can cause awkward or embarrassing situations. Like when you are a guy in a room full of women, and every time you look up someone pulls on what they are wearing to cover up THEIR overflow, and thus making YOU feel guilty for lifting your head up. Or a co-worker who does a bouncy jig near you, causing overflow to go this way and that. Am I suppose to stare at the jig or look away? Tear. ;-(

    I think that the new lace cami bra from fullbeauty.com could help both men and women in these awkward and delicate situations. A guy shouldn’t have to feel guilty for lifting their head up or because someone else decides to bounce bounce near them.

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