Frump to Fab: My Plus Size Workout Clothes Transformation

frumpWhen I first started exercising, I had a pretty standard outfit: a giant, baggy t-shirt, stretchy sweat pants, and gym shoes. I felt comfortable in this outfit- nothing too revealing, nothing flopping around, no clingy tops to show off my tummy or sweat. I always thought this outfit made me feel comfortable, but now that I’ve moved onto to new workout apparel, I realize it didn’t make me feel good at all. It made me feel frumpy, like I was hiding, as if layers of boxy clothes could hide the excess weight I carried around everywhere I went. (Do you notice my shout out to WordPress in this picture?!)

reebokMy discovery of new active wear started at FitBloggin. We got work out tanks from Reebok, and as the girl handed me an XL, I was like, “Well isn’t she sweet? No way an XL, in this itty bitty gym-bunny material, will fit ME.” I threw it on in my hotel room for shits and giggles….and it fit. Not only did it fit, but it was CUTE. I actually felt slimmer in a shirt that fit me properly, one that hugged my curves but didnt squeeze me like a sausage casing.

I began wearing this shirt to various work outs, and as I grew more comfortable with my new outfit, I noticed other changes. The material wicked my sweat and I no longer left with a cold, wet t-shirt clinging to my back. I sweat like a beast, so it was really nice to wear something that didn’t feel like I’d just participated in a wet t-shirt party. I could kick and punch a boxing bag without a t-shirt riding up my back, threatening to flash my fellow gym goers. In short, this curve hugging, more revealing shirt was waaaay more comfortable than my old tried and true frump outfit, and it came in cute colors, to boot. One other perk of wearing slightly more form-fitting clothes to the gym: You can see areas you want to work, and what areas your hardwork has shown up on. Last week in boxing, I was stoked to see my love handles are shrinking – something I would have never noticed with my big baggy tee.

oldnavy1I’ve even branched out into Old Navy, with cute “bubble tops” like this one and fancy compression capris. I <3 Old Navy, and no, they’re not paying me to say that (I wish!), but what I love about them is that they carry almost every size in the world. I can fit into the regular women’s sizes, but if I need to, I can go into their plus line, which I’ll sometimes do if it’s a sweater that I know will shrink, etc. Everything is super affordable – this tank I’m wearing in this picture I got for $7! Much cheaper than your average fitness gear – perfect for a gal on a budget!

When you work out, how do you dress? Have you had any work out sleeksmoothattire revelations  like I have?

PS: If you ever have concerns about not looking good enough in pictures, try posting pictures of yourself in frumpy work out gear, and then just plain work out gear, on a blog for lots of people to see. Whew… That took some guts! 🙂

PPS: Epic laziness in the morning means my hair is almost never down, so this is rare photographic proof that I do have curly hair! I definitely don’t work out with my hair down and bare-foot, but at 10:45 pm you gotta make do with what ya got!

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12 thoughts on “Frump to Fab: My Plus Size Workout Clothes Transformation

  1. I kind of have the opposite situation going on. I’m a 4X and I want as much air as possible on my skin when I workout. Fat girls are not supposed to want that. I get very hot and I feel smothered in a t-shirt. So I usually wear a mature styled bathingsuit and tights. Best thing is that no matter what position I am exercising in I don’t have to worry about my top flipping over my head. Worst thing is that I have had a few ladies suggest that I cover up and embrace my shame over being fat.
    Sorry! Nope! I explain my situation and if they persue it I suggest they look away. I can’t live my life making everybody else happy.

  2. I whole-heartedly believe in the motto “Look good, feel good.” Sometimes you have to fake it til you make it, but putting on a put-together outfit can really help your outlook. Even for a workout! I feel much better/more confident/even a little bit more fit when I wear nicer clothes to workout. I think it says something about how much you value your time in working out as well. Your fitness is worth the time and effort it takes!

  3. You have really cute workout clothes! I like wearing capri workout pants because my legs get really HOT when I exercise. I wear yoga pants when its cold but usually end up folding them up into capris because of my leg heat. I wonder if anyone else gets hot legs? Is that weird? lol Also, I want a WordPress t-shirt, I’m jealous 😉

  4. I love your Old Navy workout clothes! I will definitely start checking out their stuff because you’re totally right – I feel like I get a better workout when I’m wearing cute workout clothes. 🙂

  5. I love that Old Navy top! Especially with your hair down (I know, not the best workout hairdo.) But you are SMOKIN!

    Also—hope the thesis isn’t killing you! Although it may slowly gnaw at your soul….but it’ll mend once you’re done 🙂 I promise.

  6. Old navy has a really comprehensive fitness clothes section! I noticed it the other day. a more form fitting jacket is so much better for running than a hefty bulk sweater and they have a little pocket on the back for your car key, license, whatever you NEED on you during your work out.
    Target also has a great section..Ive been shopping around for a new sports bra!
    I agree with the above comment that you, and others, take you more seriously if you look the part.
    look good, feel good!

  7. I struggle with this so much. I do want to hide in huge, flowing pants and tshirts, but then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror at the gym and see just how big they make me look. Because those workout pants that are so huge in the waist don’t show how much I’ve lost, they just make it look like I have a roll that’s not really there. Sometimes I really leave the gym feeling discouraged. But in the more form-fitting gear, I feel so exposed. My huge thighs, my big stomach on display for the world to see. They’re definitely not figure flattering, but at least they don’t add extra jiggle where I don’t have any. I may actually write a blog post about this tomorrow, because it’s been on my mind a lot. Thanks for bringing up the topic.

  8. It is so important to work out in clothes that are supportive, comfortable and designed well. Some manufacturers are finally embracing bigger babes and designing outfits without an inner thigh seam (to reduce chafing) and that is sweat absorbent and supportive.

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