Four Fridays

This morning I had my fourth Weight Watchers meeting!   I was happy and surprised to see that I was down 1.6 pounds as I knew I could have done better this week.  I’m doing this thing called the “Secret Cupid Valentine Exchange” where I’ve compiled a list of people together who will be sending each other valentines.  Well, the other day at Target I decided to buy a bunch of chocolate to send to my secret valentine along with a bunch for my friends and family.

Unfortunately on the third day of having it around and not consuming it, I suddenly remembered that my best friend doesn’t eat MILK chocolate anymore.  I figured I better get rid of her chocolate bar since I’ll have to get a dark chocolate bar anyway.  Then last night, as motivation to finish my political science essay that apparently wasn’t even due until next week anyway, I destroyed another chocolate bar.

I’m down to three out of the five bars.  I also ate two boxes of sour jelly beans (120 calories each) because I figured jelly beans weren’t good for my friend’s new dietary restrictions anyway.

My willpower around sugar sucks.

However, I’ve done great avoiding a ton of high-fat and high-calorie foods in the past weeks!

So at least I’m trying.

Officially I am down six pounds since I began and hopeful for a weigh-in opportunity on Monday which will mark an entire month.


What’s your relationship with candy like?  Do you have a favorite valentine candy?


I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Lots of hearts,


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