Foodie Friday

Hello my lovely bloggies! It’s Thursday night and I’m gonna be honest – I’m pooped! It’s been a very full week and my brain is feeling like a marshmallow in the microwave, so we’re going to look at pretty food pictures of things I ate this week. READY?! Come on, it’s gonna be fun!

Cobb Salad sans Bleu Cheese

On Monday I had lunch with my co-worker, Charlotte, and ordered my favorite Cobb salad from Weiler’s Deli in Northridge. I never get bleu cheese, and order with light ranch dressing on the side. As you can see they were generous with the big slab of ripe avocado! Buried under the beautiful mound of color is a huge patch of thick, crunchy pieces of bacon over a bed of iceberg, spinach and romaine. Definitely not the “lightest salad” I could choose, but it’s loaded with protein and has no carbs, so this keeps me full alllll day.

Turkey Taco Salad

The salad I made for dinner on Tuesday night was way less of a fatty fat bomb than the cobb salad I ordered on Monday. I made this salad with ground turkey, fresh romaine, tomatoes, salsa, shredded cheese, black beans, and sauteed green pepper and onion. So healthy, so yummy, so fresh – and it used up a good variety of the aging vegetables in my veggie basket. We ate this for dinner with baked tortilla chips on the side.

Pesto Gnocchi with sun dried tomatoes and crimini mushrooms

Tonight for dinner, I made fresh pesto with basil from the garden, six garlic cloves (I know – No vampires coming near our house!), 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, and 1/4 cup olive oil. I sauteed some sliced crimini mushrooms with sundried tomatoes (not oil-packed, just dehydrated – that counts for something, right?), and then tossed the mixture with fresh gnocchi. It was very rich and savory – tangy garlic with sweet, punchy basil and fragrant olive oil coating the dense, chewy gnocchi. This meal was definitely not a diet-concious choice – but we don’t eat like this every night!

And last but not least – this isn’t a food shot but relates to this blog – This image is from E3 (The Entertainment Electronics Expo) that I went to for work this week. Hilda asked me which character I wanted to be and I said with no hesitation, “I want to be skinny for once in my life!” lolz. So here I am as a skinny person (thing/creature/monster?), though I could do without the whiskers 😉

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