Fitcation Day 2: Castoro Cellars and Pasolivo

I left you all with a cliffhanger, and to make it even better, the post that was supposed to be yesterday is now today! I just had to let the suspense build of why there’s a beaver on this wheelbarrow! (Actually, it’s cuz  I went to a Frank Turner concert, got home at 1 AM, and conked out!). Anyways, why IS there a beaver on the side of this wheelbarrow from Castoro Cellars?

BeaverBecause the owner was nicknamed “Castoro” as a child, which means beaver in Italian! I loved this fun fact because the name Castoro Cellars sounds so fancy and Italian, when really it’s like “Beaver Wine Club!”. They’ve made awesome use of their kitschy name, using it in their tagline like “Dam Fine Wine.” I always love a good pun. At Castoro we sampled many delicious wines after Stasi Seay of Unlock Wine walked us through the steps to learning wine (sniff, swirl, sip!). At one point we got to practice “Olfaction” by sniffing scent sticks. I had a lot of fun with that because I always pride myself on being a “super taster”. Surprisingly, I’m not a super sniffer, just a solid sniffer, because I only got two out of three options correct (I got lemon right out of lemon, melon and honey).

Castoro wine glasssAfter the wine education, we were off to sample wines! One of my favorites was the Castoro Tempranillo. It had hints of strawberry and plum in it, and I enjoyed the really earthy and ripe flavor. I had to stop myself after a few different “tastes” of wine, as my buzz was getting a little too intense for a Friday afternoon! 🙂


After exploring Castoro, we were on our way to Pasolivo! We took a small hike through the olive orchard where we learned about the different strains of olives and how harvesting works. Every single olive is harvested by hand! A quick tour through the mill and press led us into the tasting room, where I was in my own kind of special olive oil heaven. Have you guys ever tried a premium olive oil? It’s SO GOOD. There’s almost a brassiness, sort of a slow burn you feel on the back of your throat with a really good olive oil. I promise I mean that in a good way. I ended up splurging on some Basil Olive Oil that was pressed with over 400 pounds of fresh basil. YUM.

alyssa_pasolivoAfter Pasolivo, we had one more stop to make on our exciting first day in Paso Robles, but I have so many pictures for that one, I’ll save it for the next post!

Now: If you had to choose, would you choose to spend some time WINE TASTING or OLIVE OIL tasting?

5 thoughts on “Fitcation Day 2: Castoro Cellars and Pasolivo

  1. I really like that photo of the wine glasses all lined up, looks very professional! If I had to choose, I think I’d pick wine tasting because I don’t know much about wine and would like to know more.

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