Finding a work-out partner

I tend to not be very successful when it comes to having a work-out partner.  With my random schedule, it’s hard to find someone who can match it.  Lately my desire to play tennis again has left me on a mission to find people to play with since I just can’t seem to do that alone.  I started on Facebook and ended up probably hurting my friend’s feelings when she eagerly volunteered to play but I said no because she’d have to take her one-year-old.   Sadly, I told her I was too worried about the baby getting hit by a tennis ball as she just started walking and exploring the world. I still feel guilty about it but my paranoia runs thick and last thing I would want to feel guilty about it pegging this gorgeous little blue eyed girlie in the head!

So I continued my quest.  I started to deeply ponder who I could play tennis with.  There’s still that 19 year old who hits on me that I met in tennis last semester…  hmmm….   I could play with my other young and hot friend but he’s just so much better than me that it’s a waste of time for him…  I could post an ad on craigslist but then I’ll probably end up with some crazy person who collects hundreds of those old glass McDonald’s cups and will invite me to come over to see them after we play or awkwardly stand around after making small talk…

Then out of the blue, my two good friends Megan and Eric said they would be down to play as I expressed my longing at a recent BBQ.  Yes!

I also discovered that two other separate friends are down to go ice skating with me during adult skate at the Snoopy Rink!  Thanks Nicole and Jake!  Yay!

It’s been two weeks of tennis on Wednesdays and I’m so happy to be playing again.  Megan, Eric, and I had a BALL as we played around, each taking turns being the lone person on the opposite court.  Now that was a good work-out, when two people team up on one side it results in the opposite person constantly running back and forth.  It was awesome!  I was SO sweaty.  That’s so rare.  🙂  About half an hour into our tennis playing, I heard the familiar sound of Brahm’s Lullaby, the soothing sound for sugar that many Petaluma people would recognize quickly with perked ears.  It was our local ice cream man, John, driving around the cul-de-sac about to take his break.  Feeling incredibly deserving, I instantly suggested we give up playing to get ice cream.  Megan seemed down for my suggestion while Eric protested that getting ice cream would wipe out the whole point of us playing tennis.   I argued that eating ice cream would not affect our skill level but Eric stuck by his point and I decided against the ice cream, knowing it would give me something to write about on here.  Hah!   I guess he’s a  pretty good work-out partner.  😉

When you all work out, do you choose to do so alone?  Are there any people you love working out with?  How did you find them!?

I hope you all have a glorious weekend and I’ll be back next week with another weekly update on my second week of being back on the wagon.




3 thoughts on “Finding a work-out partner

  1. I think I do best working out alone – except at the gym. Then I follow my weight-lifting husband around make him tell me what to do. Haha. We have a tennis court in our complex too – and we even bought rackets and were playing for a little while – but as it got hotter during the summer, we pretty much abandoned it for a while. We’re both hoping to get back into it soon since we both just hit the ball all over the court and make the other one run for it. We get plenty of exercise.

  2. I’m a pretty solitary exerciser for the most part, but like you said, tennis does require a partner. I would like to get a little tennis in, but like you, don’t really have anyone to play with. I play with my dad sometimes (he’s 70 but he can still beat me pretty easy). Hubby and I used to play racquetball every Friday night. I really miss that!

  3. I generally like to work out alone. Usually going to the gym with someone can be distracting. I like going to group exercise classes but I usually go by myself. I do like going on walks and hikes with others, that makes it more fun and we can catch up!

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