Finding the support you need

This week has been crazy as it’s our last crunch time before finals at my college.  I was set to do my Richard Simmon’s style workout in front of my Pilate’s class on Wednesday and planned on spending the night before writing out my workout routine and sticking some jewels to my work-out pants.

During class on Monday as our last group of the day lead us through their workout, I noticed that we still had quite a bit of time before class was actually set to end.  The thought entered into my mind that maybe I should just try to wing-it instead of spending the next two nights freaking out and over-analyzing my routine.

I had been practicing in my car of what I would say along with my music choices, surely I would be able to instruct a group of 25 people on a whim!

As my teacher went over how Wednesday would be a full day, I blurted out loudly, “I think I might be able to do mine today.  I’m not prepared but I have the CD in my car if you guys would bare with me!”

My teacher lit up at the opportunity to balance time better for the last people to present and I took a dash out to my car for my C2C CD.

I wasn’t in a jeweled outfit and I couldn’t get that awesome headset microphone to work, but I still feel like I rocked the room the best I could!

I had my class utilizing  their exercise balls as I had them doing wall-sits, arm lifts, and doing jumping jacks on the ball to this song:

It was incredible to look around the room as I was bouncing around on my ball, counting out our reps, to see everyone smiling hugely back at me.  I felt so proud of myself that I was getting through my routine while people were actually enjoying my workout!  After the routine was over and it came time for feedback, there were so many people talking all at once that I could barely make out a single word!   I did hear: “You looked so cute!”, “That was so much fun!”, and “You did so awesome!” or something along those lines.

The class came to an end and I spent the next ten minutes glowing as I chatted with my classmates before yoga began.  I was so happy with the support that I got from all the people in my Pilates class that I spent the rest of the week feeling very proud of my body.  Instead of thinking to myself, “I’ve only lost sixteen pounds”, I have been dropping the word “only” and praising myself for the success I *have* had.

With my replenishment of faith, Wednesday morning when it came time for tennis and the heat increased, I finally, for my first time, dropped my protective morning-fog pants layer to reveal my short and cute fuchsia pink tennis skirt I bought MONTHS ago.

…And not even twenty seconds later I hear called out from the other tennis court, “April took off her pants!”, all excitedly from this 19-year-old tender morsel of a youthful college guy.  It cracked me up and the two women I was playing with gave the dude some smart replies as I mumbled something about how I may end up being shy.  But inside, I was glowing.  Haha!  This kid knows I’m ten years older than him too since we had previously been talking about him being born in 1993, yes, NINETY THREE.   Anyway, his attention to my legs definitely boosted my self-esteem and when it came time for our class to meet in a group, I got complimented by nearly every woman in my class on how cute my skirt was.

I’ve been feeling down on myself lately because of all the drugs I’ve been having to take for my endless ear infection (3 1/2 weeks now) and have been told how prednisone can make it difficult to drop the pounds.  A week like this was exactly what I needed to keep the confidence going in myself.

I feel the support system I have is amazing and a great deal of why I keep working diligently towards my goals.  It is very often that I have full intention of driving to 7-11 for a Coke slurpee but I stop myself because I know I want to make  positive progress.   I am so grateful for everyone I have in my life that helps support me on this adventure to better health.

Thank you to all our blog fans, my classmates, my friends, my family, my wonderful sister Alyssa, and that hottie 19-year-old in my tennis class for making me feel proud of myself!  You all make it easy to keep going!  🙂

I know the blog community is a great source of support for so many people on this adventure with me!  What other kind of support do you get in your life for health? Do you have a favorite person out there that you can look to for extra encouragement?

I’ll be back on Monday while Alyssa gets some solar support in Cabo San Lucas with another blog!


I hope you all have a glorious weekend!





4 thoughts on “Finding the support you need

  1. How awesome of you to do your final right there on the spot! Maybe you have a hidden talent for group fitness instruction? When I need an extra boost of encouragement I look toward my sisters. If one of them compliments me I know it’s genuine and it ups my confidence!

  2. Way to go, April!! You’re a great inspiration and you deserve to feel that wonderful high of acceptance and accomplishment ALL the time! 🙂

  3. I SO want to see that pink tennis outfit. 🙂
    I’m glad you’ve been getting so much positive feedback and support lately. I hope it spurs you on and on towards your goals.

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