Fettucini and Friends

Hello dear readers! Did you have a good weekend? I did, well actually, I am, because I’m writing this to you on a lovely Sunday afternoon while my adoring husband naps next to me. Last night, we invited our awesome friends Jason, Juan and Randy over for dinner in honor of my sister’s visit to Los Angeles. I knew I wanted to make fettucini alfredo because it’s simple, delicious, and fun to make when guests are over. For a more detailed explanation, visit the Pioneer Woman – but here’s how ya do it.

1) All you need is: 1 Box of fettucini, 1 thing of whipping cream (you need 1 cup), 1 stick of salted butter and 1 tub of parmesan cheese.

Easy Peasy Heart Attack Pasta

2) Boil water for your pasta.

3) Slowly melt the butter in a large sauce pan. SLOWLY. If it burns, you’ll have brown butter, which is yummy, but not what you want.

4) When your butter is mostly melted, add in 1 cup of cream. Let it chill out for a couple seconds and then gently whisk together . Let the cream and butter mingle for awhile and add a few cracks of pepper, if desired. When it’s hot and mixed well (medium heat) – again – not too high, or you’ll end up with scalded cream – turn off the stove and get a large serving bowl.

Mix it up!

5) Add 1 cup of shredded parmesan cheese to the serving bowl. Pour in the butter/cream mixture. Let it hang out for a couple minutes to melt all the cheese, and then whisk again, gently. You can add more black pepper, if you want.

Pepper, cream, butter and cheese = BFFs

6) Your pasta should be almost done. Add the cooked, drained pasta directly into the cheesy, creamy serving bowl. Using tongs, gently toss to coat. Add one more cup of parmesan cheese and toss until all cheese is melted. You just made fettucini alfredo – and DAMN, is it good.

Mouth is watering...

Come to mama.

Obviously this isn’t a meal you eat every week (if you can do it, all power to you), but as an occasional splurge, it’s an awesome dinner party dish. We combined it with yummy pomegranate margaritas my sister made, red wine, a bolognese sauce, a green salad and garlic bread. SUPER TASTY! As you can see by the many bottles on the counter – we had a good time. What’s your go-to dinner party dish?

I will always revert back to my rock n' roll roots when posing for photos!

Here's a picture of my sister scrubbing my stove. Because you know, doing the dishes and wiping down all of the counters wasn't enough.

PS: I want to thank you all for your awesome and heartfelt comments lately. Getting comments is my FAVORITE thing EVER, and it’s so cool to connect with you. Thanks. Your comments are like little warm fuzzy hugs sent over the interwebz. <3

5 thoughts on “Fettucini and Friends

  1. I’m not a huge fan of alfredo sauce- I’d probably never order it, but I’ve had it at weddings/parties and liked it. This looks like the PERFECT crowd pleaser for the holiday party circuit, like family get-togethers, etc. Good back-pocket heart attack recipe 🙂

  2. Ah to be young again…we’re at that age and health where fettucini Alfredo is better known as a ” heart attack on a plate” !!!
    Anyway, it’s all balanced out by (judging from the pix), copious quantities of red wine, which at our age and health is nothing less than an elixir of health, perhaps even a major food group unto itself..
    Also nice to see the acorn doesn’t roll far from the tree- that’s my boy holding up the curran tradition regarding wine ” one bottle may be too many, two, three more is never enough…”

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