Favorite Snacky Cakes

Snacky cakes has been a favorite phrase for  food for me ever since I first heard Eric Cartman from South Park used it.  I wish that cakes were actually part of my every day snacking food but unfortunately, I know I wouldn’t be losing weight if I was indulging in cake every day.

Anyway, since I have begun my Weight Watchers program, I’ve tried my best to make some positive changes to the way I have been eating. One issue that I’ve always struggled with during the day is not eating enough snacks.  I would go for long periods without giving my body the nourishment it needed but that habit is quickly changing.

I’m making a point of picking out healthy snacky cakes while grocery shopping and have been making sure I always have something on me.  Whether it’s an apple, some edaname, or a bunch of carrots, I’m doing much better at munching on the right types of foods.

April and her midnight snack

April and her midnight snack

Last night while I was trying to do last minute homework, I found myself INCREDIBLY hungry around midnight.  I had dinner at six and then called it quits on eating for the night, although I should have snacked earlier because I knew I would be up late writing. I didn’t want to fill myself because of my weekly weigh-in this morning, so instead I just grabbed a giant spoon and scooped up some fat-free cottage cheese.  40 calories.  Like 2 grams of protein.  0 fat.  It was just enough to hold me over for the next two hours as I desperately tried to gain the motivation to write about the Declaration of Independence for class.

Today’s meeting didn’t go as fabulously as the past two weeks as I gained 1.9 pounds.  I wasn’t too shocked because I had multiple mistakes this week but it only motivates me to try harder for next week.  It was my fourth official meeting and my friend Laura and I were both excited to receive our “key chain reward”…  It kinda lacks the actual ability to be a key chain since it’s in the shape of a bullring, however it does make a great toe ring!  Apparently every time we hit a goal, we’ll get a little charm for it.  It also works great as a nose ring but I’ll save that picture for the future.

Yay for free Weight Watchers Swag!

Yay for free Weight Watchers Swag!

I hope you all have a glorious weekend but first – tell me –

What are your favorite healthy snacks?  Do you like cottage cheese?  I know a lot of people don’t!

And if you COULD be eating cake all the time – what kind of cake would you be nibbling on?

Talk to you all soon!



2 thoughts on “Favorite Snacky Cakes

  1. I like snacking on Kind Bars, trail mix, granola bars, yogurt with granola on top, carrots with hummus or pita chips with hummus. And I do like cottage cheese too, but for some reason don’t buy it often. If I could eat cake all the time…maybe red velvet or lemon cake!

  2. U know my fav snacky cakes. POPCORN!!!! Crackers… basically things that are the worst for me. New snacks are edamame, light cheese, apples.

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