Fat n’ Jolly: What didn’t I eat this Christmas?!

Hey guys! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, a wonderful day otherwise. I’m definitely feeling pudgy and bloated and ready to get BACK ON TRACK because this Christmas, I certainly whooped it up by indulging in a little bit of almost everything. Let’s recap:

1) S’Mores Fudge that I made for Matt’s work. Thankfully 96% of this went into his work and only an empty plate came back, but I did have to test it out, of course.
2) Country Benedict, ala my chef father in law. Doesn’t this look amazing?! A country pork gravy poured over homestyle biscuits with a poached egg and sausage patty. So. Damn. Good. (It was worthy of that swear word in there.)

Country Benedict

Country Benedict

3) Angelo’s Smokehouse Christmas Ham
4) Yogurtland Apricot Tart Frozen Yogurt
5) A Chopped Salad
6) “Pot of Gold” appetizers – almost egg roll-like in taste but stuffed with spinach and cheese
7) Caramel Brownies and Czech Kolacky cookies

April and my mom made Caramel Brownies

April and my mom made Caramel Brownies

8) Eggnog Cornflake crusted French Toast (another father-in-law creation)
9) Hainan Chicken — a yummy dish from a popular San Gabriel Valley restaurant called Savoy. Chicken is poached in homemade broth all day, served with rice and a ginger salt and chili sauce. So simple, so good. YUM.

Hainan Chicken from Savoy

Hainan Chicken from Savoy

10) Huevos Diabla from the Local Peasant, one of my favorite restaurants here in Woodland Hills. The tortillas were handmade and it was covered with crumbles of queso fresco and cilantr0. Mmm. I’ve been having quite an overeasy infatuEGGtion lately. I had enchiladas with an overeasy egg on top last week, the country benedict, huevos rancheros when I was out with my awesome friend Lisa, and today, this Huevos Diabla. I didn’t know what I was missing before when I mistakenly thought ‘dippy eggs’ were no good. I have learned and now celebrate the runny egg!


11) Arkansas Green Beans made by my dad. These are a different take on a greenbean casserole. Just think “bacon.”
12) Prime Rib. Another father-in-law creation (Sense a trend here? These people know good eats. We even had Yorkshire Pudding!)
13) Clementine Oranges (hey, there had to be ONE healthy thing on this list.)
14) White Tea from Republic of Tea (TWO healthy things. Had to make myself feel better.) This was a great gift from my brother who got me a Blooming Tea Set. Super cool!
15) A Chipotle Veggie Fajita Burrito Bowl. My meal of choice off the I-5 on the very long drive up. Delicious!

So… as you can see, there was a whole lot of indulging going on. Do I feel guilty about it? Well, yes, kind of. But am I glad I stuffed my piehole with such an amazing assortment of food? Yes. If music be the food of love, play on. Being able to eat such delicious things (and knowing how to stop when I’m full!) reminds me how lucky I am to indulge in such luxury. For that, I am grateful. I am also grateful for the ability to start over, starting now. The first thing to be crossed off the list? Sugar. I don’t do well on sugar. If anything bloats me up and makes me a crank-monster, it’s sugar. Sugar is the first to go, cold-turkey style. After that? Grains. 2014 is my year – the year the Double Chin Diary turns from a wistful “hopefully soon” weight loss blog to a success story. Yep. It’s gonna happen. It has to. Enough excuses, more action.

Now — help me feel like less of a diet failure by telling me what you indulged in this holiday season. πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “Fat n’ Jolly: What didn’t I eat this Christmas?!

  1. I am totally with you! After 4 straight days of eating stuff I shouldn’t be, I’m ready to get back on track, and back to eating what I should. It was totally worth it though. Holiday food is just so good! From the ham to the pot roast to the hash browns, I’d do it all again. πŸ˜›

    • mmmm hashbrowns! It’s so tough, because I usually go into holidays with this unrealistic idea of “I’m going to be GOOD!” — well… let’s just say I enjoyed things, but may not have been “good,” hehe

  2. I’m majorly impressed by your ability to keep track of all the yummy food you ate over the holidays. I estimated in myfitnesspal, but didn’t even try on the 24th and 25th.
    Also, I still haven’t been to Local Peasant. :/ It’s down the street – in fact, we passed it on the way to the bowling alley on Friday – but I’m always turned off by how crowded it looks. I am such an old fart.

    • LOL alyssa! It’s worth it. I am also an old fart but they usually squeeze you in quickly πŸ™‚ And trust me, I could only remember only the yummy things I ate.. all the healthful things have been deleted from my memory bank 😐

  3. I have been super careful this holiday because I had a goal to meet. Now that is done, I plan on a wonderful indulging meal very soon. It will involve cheesecake and prime rib for certain.

  4. I totally overindulged too! My father in law made bacon EVERY SINGLE DAY we were in Idaho. Croissants, biscuits, pulled pork, chips, dip, potatoes…. Then when I got home we were tired from traveling so pizza, Chinese food… I’m totally bloated and my jeans are back to digging into my gut! It’s so easy to gain it back and so hard to lose it — the food gods do this on purpose, I’m sure.

  5. Oh, my! I must admit that I have never heard of some of these, but your descriptions make we want to either try them, or find an allergy safe way to make them! Yummo!

    I ate all of the usual holiday faves. The only memorable deviations were a night out at Rainforest Cafe (balsamic marinated chicken w/ kalamata olives…DUDE!), and my favorite vegan/allergy-safe spot, Spiral Diner (spicy quinoa nachos).

  6. I threw down like a champ!! πŸ™‚ Typical holiday spread. Uber indulgence came from the Oreo Cheesecake with Peppermint Whipped Cream. YUMMMM!!! We finally polished off the last 2 pieces last night. One more throw down tomorrow evening πŸ˜‰ then I need to get back on track with eating and training.

    The foods you mentioned sound sooooo goood! And the pics look yumtastic too. And a random side note … I love the plate the Country Benedict was served on!

  7. Girl – what you indulged in seems a lot healthier than what I chose to eat. Cookies, cake, you name it. Sheesh. πŸ™‚ 2014 can be healthier, but it’s always ok to indulge here and there!

  8. Oh man… those pics make me hungry…. Especially the one with the gravy!! The country girl in me is drooling! πŸ™‚

    Hey – despite not eating the best, we can always start over πŸ™‚ I think most of us overindulged over the holidays. I know I did!

    Have a happy new year!!

  9. I didn’t really indulge too much over the holidays because I didn’t run into anything special enough to make me want to go off my normal eating plan. And then Christmas dinner happened at an amazing local steakhouse and I split an Apple Cobbler with my husband that came with a Salted Carmel milkshake on the side. I didn’t eat the whole thing and I didn’t even come close to eating what I would have a year ago this time, but I was more full afterwards than I’ve been since February. No regrets, though, because I enjoyed the heck out of the whole meal and it was such a wonderful way to spend the holiday!

  10. I was trying to set a good example for my Facebook friends but I have to admit I ate a more than planned. I only gained 2 lbs and would have loved to have those delightful pork sausage gravy biscuits you have pictured. Not to mention prime rib sounds fabulous!! I have not had that in a few months and would love to have it again in the very near future.

    Happy New Year!

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