Fanny packs and cruiser bikes, oh my!

Hi everyone! Sorry I missed you yesterday… I have a few things cookin’ that swept me away for a little bit! Today I was thinking about fitness again, mostly because I felt guilty that I haven’t made it to the gym yet this week. There’s always something going on that seems to pull me away – going to Costco, working on homework, paying bills – you know. I’m the mayor of excuses village! As I was getting a little hard on myself about not making exercise a priority, I realized “But wait! I did buy a fanny pack, and I’m buying a bike!”. So let’s talk about that!

I love walking Lake Balboa Park, and I love hiking on weekends. One of my big issues with women’s fitness clothes is that they don’t include pockets! This leaves me in this awkward limbo where I carry my keys in one hand and my iPod in the other, or worse- I smash my iPod into my sports bra. (Yeah – I know. Classy, but a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do!)

Fanny Packs are comin' back in style!

My stylish solution to this kerfuffle was to buy a FANNY PACK! Now don’t worry, it’s not covered in sequins or made of patchwork suede – it’s a perfectly reasonable, sporty “waist pack” from Nathan. See? There’s a handy little pouch for my iPod, my headphones, and my keys – and a convenient water bottle holder so I can quench my thirst as I go. Clever, right? I haven’t taken it out yet for a trial run, but I’m hoping this weekend I can do a hike or something and try out my stylish new fanny pack.

My second exciting fitness solution is that I’m buying myself a 7 speed cruiser bike! I have a really crappy bike that I teeter around on now to ride to the grocery store, but it’s really flimsy and doesn’t feel safe or reliable. I’ve been hunting on Craigslist for a used cruiser for awhile, but I found a bike wholesaler in LA that is open to the public. I am scoring this beauty for a great price – and it’s too cute, right? I opted for a 7 speed cruiser so I’d have a little more flexibility in where I can ride it. I’m super excited for a reliable and safe bike that I can ride all over town – to the post office, to the grocery store, to the farmer’s market – and also, on the beach when we go visit our West side friends.

Fito Modena from

So those are two fitness things going on with me – they’re steps towards becoming a more healthy, fit person. And here’s a picture of me with my cat,  because today was a great day because I also found out I won a scholarship! Yay! So enough about me – tell me what’s up with you- What are you up to?

Lucia isn't thrilled about being squeezed or photographed...

3 thoughts on “Fanny packs and cruiser bikes, oh my!

  1. Lucia is frickin adorable in that pic. And CONGRATS AGAIN! About to interview a famous Israeli ‘hairstylist to the stars’. Woo? We’ll find out! *that is all that is up with me*

  2. Sweet ride! Now we can start our biker gang and cruise the mean streets of Reseda. You’ll also be able to stay hydrated, or squirt any smartass that dares oppose our gang… Tonight we can work on matching outfits and choose a color that hasn’t already been taken in our neighborhood…

  3. Congrats on your scholarship!!
    The fanny pack is a great idea. I bought one from Lululemon last summer that I haven’t taken with me in a long time. Thanks for the reminder.
    And yay for new, inexpensive beach cruisers. Love it!!

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