April’s exercise with a view

Yesterday as I sat on Facebook staring blankly at my news feed, I decided that with my ideal weather conditions of 75 and slightly cloudy right beyond the door, Facebook just wasn’t going to be providing me with the fulfillment that my mind and body were craving.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts, “A muddy way to work out”, that my typical exciting way to work out was to go on hikes with gorgeous views.

Plus I finally got some new work-out shoes so I no longer had an excuse of why I shouldn’t take part on walks/hikes/Zumba/unicorn wrestling.

I drove to my favorite place to hike in my town, Putnum Park.   Putnum rocks because there are some pretty extreme hills but also comes with a lot of nice and even terrain.  The park is also has tons of shade which is nice to have after you heave yourself up the first initial steep hill of the hike.

I did this hike a month ago and struggled much more with the hills.  This time around I didn’t have to stop mid-hill to “enjoy the view” at all! I also added in a bunch of running to break in my snazzy new shoes.

Enjoying the view of one of the many trails at Helen Putnum Park in Petaluma, California

The hike also was nice because I got a phone call from my sister, Alyssa, who provided an encouraging voice as I huffed up the trail. Talking to someone ALWAYS makes work outs seem quicker and easier!  Too bad I do the majority of my work-outs alone because I’m so sporadic to when I actually will exercise.

Tomorrow I will attempt Zumba for my first time with a friend of mine.  I’m excited because I know it will be fun but a bit nervous as well since I’ll have to deal with being the slowest one in the class, at least for the first day!

How about you all?  Do you have any awesome places to work out in your hometown?

Peace and monkeys,

One thought on “April’s exercise with a view

  1. Talking while doing a lighter workout is always THE BEST. I love going for walks with friends, it makes time go by fast and kills two birds with one stone! Gorgeous view too!

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