April’s excuses, excuses.

My ankle hurts.

My head hurts.

My stomach hurts.

There’s going to be too many people at the gym right now.

All my sports bras are dirty.

There’s too much traffic right now.

I’ll go tomorrow.


Ever since I started my membership at the gym again, I’ve been full of excuses of why I shouldn’t go.  I seemed so excited about it a few weeks ago but in reality, I’ve only gone twice now.

Something seems to be going on right now in my mind that is leading me to be incredibly lazy.  Maybe I’m depressed again.  I’ve been sleeping all the time and feeling extra irritable about so many aspects of life. But on the flip side, I have so many things to be happy about that there is no reason why I should be feeling this way.  Depression has been a part of my life since I was 12 and occasionally pops up again at the most random times.

I was accepted into Humboldt State University to begin my Environmental Studies degree next Fall.. but even that admittance is making me feel a whole new whirl wind of anxiety.  Should I go there?  Will I get into San Diego and San Jose?  Which college should I choose?  When should I move?  How am I going to survive without my family, my friends, and the families I babysit for and adore so much?  Ugh, so much to think about.

I think all of these thoughts is just making my brain go on overload and causing me to just freeze up, ignore the problem, and go to sleep.

There’s been so many statistics of how working out will make you happier and I bet once I actually get back in the routine of it, I’ll probably be fine.

But making  those first steps to get moving is proving to be incredibly hard, even with this awesome blog backing me up.

How many of you are able to work-out and get moving when you’re stressed or feeling depressed?  What does it take to finally motivate you?

And finally… what’s your excuse for not working out today?

I’m going to push myself into going to the gym and use this blog as one of the many excuses of why I should.

Thanks 😉




9 thoughts on “April’s excuses, excuses.

  1. I know how you feel, I too get bouts of depression and become lazy. It sounds really annoying, but honestly just forcing yourself to work out will make you feel a lot better. You’ll probably see the choices you have in life right now a lot clearer once you’ve had a good workout. Gotta love endorphins!

  2. Just go for a walk. Remove all the anxiety of getting ready and driving to the gym. You have a beautiful, safe neighborhood. Just walk around the block in your stinky sports bra and you’ll feel instantly better. Who knows, you might even be motivated to go to the gym after all!

  3. Right now the time change is really effecting me. I’m feeling really tired in the evenings and the darkness makes me want to stay inside! I’m hoping next week I will be more adjusted and get back into it.

  4. I found that doing a guided yoga thing at home (I love the Yoga Studio app)allowed me to deal with a lot of my anxiety/excuses. First, you don’t have to go anywhere–so that means you don’t need to get dressed or deal with transportation or anything else. Second, you can tailor it to exactly what you want that day (stress relief, core strength, etc.)

  5. I deal with the same thing!! Every. Day! I always have the best intentions about going to the gym. I make myself schedules, rip out weight exercises from magazines and so forth. Yet when it comes to getting my butt out the door to the gym, I hesitate and make excuses. Here’s what somewhat works for me: get dressed for the gym first thing in the morning and then go right after I drop the kids off at school, tell ppl I’m going (I usually text my friend…she ends up asking later if I really went so I feel obligated to go), blog about my plans and keep reading other motivated people’s blogs. That usually helps me!! 🙂

  6. I was having a hard time going to the gym. I would go for a few times and then find other things that kept me busy. I found me a workout partner. We motivate each other. I know she will be waiting for me at the gym each day. She says its the same for her. I will be there waiting for her. We have been going consistently for about 6 weeks now. Once I get in the routine I think I will be so used to going that I will go even if she doesn’t.

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