Erba Vita 2-Week Review

While I was wandering Europe over the summer, Alyssa informed me of another product review opportunity I had waiting for me upon my return.  I’m pretty keen on using body cleansing products so when I found out that the company offering the product was Erba Vita, a business that specializes in products with more naturally-occurring ingredients, I was excited to give it a chance

Unfortunately I came down with the plague within a week of my return and had to wait until I was off all my medication before I started putting anything else into my body.

I began taking two capsules a day of the company’s “Weight” pills to ease myself into the transition as they had ingredients like green tea extract in it.  With other ingredients like L-carnintine, cassia nomame, and chitosan, these little capsules were packed full of powders that would help cleanse my system and aide in weight loss.  I did feel a bit healthier over the past two weeks but I feel if my eating behavior was better, I’d probably have more noticeable results.  Of course, I can’t see what has been going on within my body so I shouldn’t only count numbers as results.  I definitely have been more regular, if that fun fact helps explain these supplements better.

Erba Vita also sent over these cool detoxifying bottle tops, appropriately named DETOX,  with fun ingredients like milk thistle extract, burdock extract, and more green tea.  The caps are designed to easily twist onto a bottle of water so it can easily be mixed but my plastic bottle (which made me cheat on my reusable BOBBLE) didn’t fit so I ended up just pouring it into a glass.   The mixture tasted like water with a hint of lime and herbal supplement flavor, as one would expect when packing so many different extracts into one serving.

Now that my body is finally starting to feel ALMOST normal again, I’m going to start taking the recommended four pills a day along with making a point of actually drinking the DETOX drinks as well. Alyssa and I both are going to start getting our acts together today and I’ll be sharing my meal plans later on this week.


The American holiday season is quickly drawing near and I know the opportunities to lose weight will draw sparse with every party that I am invited to or every cookie that I will be offered.  If I can start being hardcore now, by the time the sugar season rolls around, perhaps I will be able to resist all those sweet temptations.

Thank you everyone to all your positive wishes regarding my past few posts for my health and education, I love reading the comments and am trying to get better at actually responding!

I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend and if you do happen to be working today, THANK YOU for whatever you happen to be doing to support our country and the way it functions.

Love and lime,


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