36 thoughts on “Enter for a chance to win a week of Diet to Go Meals!

  1. I’ve recently become a Vegetarian and I’m still trying to figure out healthy, satisfying meals. Diet to Go’s entire Vegetarian menu looks amazing! It’s hard to pick just one, but I have to say that the Black Bean and Feta Cheese Wrap looks especially delicious.

  2. The Tamale Pie looks good! I’ve been thinking about signing up for Diet to Go because now that I commute an hour each way AND have roommates I share a kitchen with it’s a little harder to make my meals. I feel like this would be good for me and Kyle so we have something healthy to eat without taking up too much time.

  3. I have to have the meatloaf sub. And I pinned the apple spinach slaw, the tortilla chip casserole and the oatmeal pumpkin pancakes from their Pinterest board. Everything looks delish!

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