Does it exist? Finding a cute plus-size athletic swim suit

I’ve recently started taking a water aerobics class at my university. It’s a great workout for me because it’s FUN – and it’s deceptively hard! I get to splash around in the sunshine and reap the benefits of a good cardio workout at the same time. However, last class, I noticed an elderly but mischievous man swimming laps who seemed to be enjoying watching the ladies in the class…particularly when we’d do certain moves that caused bouncing, if you catch my drift. My swimsuit, while very cute with its vintage inspired stripes and spaghetti straps, is perhaps not the best for high-impact aerobics.

So – the hunt began for a decently priced, cute athletic swimsuit. Doesn’t seem that hard to find, right? WRONG. I started my quest in person, where even the most simple suits squeezed me like a sausage in spanx. Frustrated with the water-proof girdles I kept finding, I headed online, thinking I’d surely do better.

Well – At first, I ended up with beauties like this. For the love of god, really? As if we need ugly water color paint strokes on the chest and the dreaded skirt to remind us that that we’re less than lithe in the pool.


Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

Then, I’d get excited when I’d find something like this – sleek, sexy and seemingly functional – until the reviews mentioned how there was very little support. If I wanted to lounge on a towel and drink bellinis this would be a great option, but for water aerobics? Not so much.

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

Frustrated with my usual online clothing standbys, I turned to Target – the place where hope springs eternal. I did a little better finding this suit – but I’m torn on if it would have enough support to keep the girls in place, and I’m not sure how I feel about the little ruffle. I don’t exactly want to call attention to my belly!

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

Kohl’s offered up this semi-decent plus sized athletic suit, but it’s out of stock in my size.
The stripes and purple kind of remind me of Tim Burton, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I could go for a cuter design.

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

Lastly, I found this one on, but it’s out of stock. Shame, because this is the closest to what I want. Good price, cute color, racer back style to keep the twins in check, and a nice design with elongating side stripes. Of course it’s out of stock – of course it is!

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

Swimsuit shopping is brutal no matter what your size – but DAMN! I never expected athletic suit shopping to be so hard. Does anybody have any recommendations for me? There’s some very basic styles on sites like Just My Size and One Stop Plus, but I guess I’m hoping for a cuter style. Maybe I’m being too vain and need to go for function over fashion, but I just can’t help it – I’m all about the aesthetic.

Fess up – no matter what your size, do you hate swimsuit shopping too?

4 thoughts on “Does it exist? Finding a cute plus-size athletic swim suit

  1. I grew up swimming so I’m one of the few people that looks forward to swimsuit shopping…I’m comfortable in a bikini no matter what my size. Anyway, I would try actual athletic swim suit companies like Speedo, TYR and Nike. The sizing is a bit different for athletic suits but they’ve actually come up with some cute designs. Good luck!

  2. I haven’t been swim-suit shopping in two years. That’s how much I despise it. And I’m not planning on going this year either. SO THERE :p I’m not bitter.

  3. So cousin, try Sears. I’ve done well there the past two years. Also, JC Penny sometimes has styles. For someone who swam for years and years and years, the best ones are the Speedos. They are a bit pricey, yet the comfort factor is totally worth it. Alright, hopefully another wedding will happen soon so I CAN SEE YOU!! Love you, Amie

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