Diet to Go Week Two Review: Food that makes me go Nom Nom

Hey everybody! I’m near the end of two weeks with Diet To Go, so I have to share my thoughts! It’s not my official weekly weigh-in day yet, so watch for that post on Monday to see how I’m doing. So far with Diet To Go I’m down 6.8 pounds. WOW.

I’m still really enjoying the Diet-to-Go food! I’ve only had one meals that I didn’t love, but I’ll talk about that in a minute. First let’s look at some yummy meals that rocked my socks!

Diet To Go Tomato Basil Soup

Diet to Go Tomato Basil Soup

This was a fire-roasted tomato basil soup. I’m not a huge fan of anything described as “fire roasted” because usually it’s just a bad euphemism for “burnt”. However, this soup blew away that stereotype of mine – because it was rich, beautifully flavored, and packed with charred bits of tomato and savory basil. Served with a warm wheat roll, this was a tasty treat of a lunch.

Diet to go egg quesadilla

Diet To Go Egg Quesadilla

First of all, look at the size of this meal! It’s HUGE, right?! This was an egg quesadilla with a side of citrus and a potato cake. The quesadilla was fresh and fluffy, and after two pieces and the fruit I was stuffed! This breakfast had all the components of a winner – starch, protein, carb and dairy with fruit. YUM!

Diet To Go Turkey Penne Pasta

Diet to Go Turkey Penne Pasta

Ok, I know I’m like a broken record, but again, look at this serving size. One of my big concerns about trying a pre-packaged food plan was that I’d be starving all the time. Not so with Diet To Go, as this is a generous pasta serving (maybe even bigger than is suggested. I hope my dietitian isn’t reading this! lol!). I’m all about volume, so a hearty pasta dish that gives you an ample serving feels nice and comforting. It had a tangy tomato turkey sauce that gave the pasta some nice flavor.

Diet to Go Chicken Pizza

Diet to Go Chicken Pizza

Last but not least is the Chicken Pizza! On Friday night I was feeling a little bit pouty as my husband had a smoked pork sandwich and a beer – so I picked out the Chicken Pizza. I cooked it in the oven and got the bubbly, brown cheese effect I was after. It’s nice to feel like you’re having junk food on weekends, so this pizza scored big with me.

Ok – so there has only been meals I didn’t love – an Indian chicken curry salad sandwich. I blame this on myself, mostly, because I’m a bit of a culinary snob and believe curry should only be served over fresh, fluffy rice or scooped onto a steaming hot tandoori naan. I couldn’t get into a cold curry salad, so this meal just didn’t do it for me, but the quality of the food was excellent with a fresh roll and big juicy chunks of white meat chicken. So, week two is a wrap! I’m really pleased so far with the results and am looking forward to my next week of meals. I even got to go in and pick out what to substitute for sea-food (I am anti-fish!) and I got to pick some intriguing things that I wouldn’t normally try (like Black Bean soup!).

Do any of these meals look yummy to you? Would you like a curry chicken sandwich? Don’t forget, at the end of my reviews, Diet-to-go is offering one of my readers a FREE WEEK of meals! Pretty awesome, right?! Have a great day!

* In coordination with the honest bloggers act, I am being compensated and provided complimentary meals for these posts. But don’t worry – my opinions are always my own!

14 thoughts on “Diet to Go Week Two Review: Food that makes me go Nom Nom

  1. Since Alyssa isn’t much of a fish eater (I’ll convert her one day) I got her castoff salmon curry and vegetables. I’m typically skeptical on re-heated fish, but it ended up being very fresh and delicious.

  2. Matt, let’s get sushi! Haha. And Alyssa, mi pinguino, I’m jealous you have someone cooking for you (even if it IS a company) lol.

    PS. You’re probably gonna like black bean soup. It’s like Mexican food in liquid form–but in a good way (yeah…didn’t do a great job describing that!)

    Also, high-five!

  3. Good luck converting her Matt. I’ve had 33 years of trying to convert her mother with no success. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

  4. Not a big fan of curry so not sure I would enjoy that curry chicken sandwich, especially cold. However, I do like the results you are getting! And everything else you have talked about and posted pictures of looks great! And I am the same way, I’m all for healthier eating, but the portions HAVE to be a good size in order for me to fill satisfied. Diet-to-go seems like a diet/meal plan I actually wouldn’t mind trying and I think I could stick to it. I might miss eating sweets though!

    • Lauren, they give you granola bars and yogurts and muffins for breakfast so it’s not too bad. I still cheat a little bit with my couple of daily Dark Dove. shhh don’t tell! šŸ˜‰

  5. Agreed but there are some amazing products nowadays that help too.

    I lost 40 lbs after having my baby girl using these products! I lost all my weight and had tons of energy which we all need hahahaha! Babies are a handful! Now Iā€™m modeling. Thank me later!

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