Cupcakes and Cocktails

Last weekend, some girlfriends and I got together for CUPCAKES and COCKTAILS! My cupcake decorating teacher, Albert, also known as Sir Cakes A Lot, hosted a fabulous event at Mickey’s Club in West Hollywood to benefit the AIDS Life Cycle. In return for our admission fee, we’d be decorating cupcakes and sipping cocktails while surrounded by fancy men of all varieties.

Sally, Sir Cakes A Lot, Me and Jenny before getting our cupcakes on!

Sally, Sir Cakes A Lot, Me and Jenny before getting our cupcakes on!

We learned how to make leopard print cupcakes, by painting pink fondant with brown and black food dye:

leopard fondant cupcake

Leopard Fondant Cupcake Toppers

We also learned how to make beautiful chrysanthemum cupcakes, by cutting mini marshmallows in half on a diagonal, dipping them in decorating sugar and arranging them on top of buttercream. Check them out in this picture below of Sally and I holding our finished products!

The finished products!

The finished products!

One intriguing thing about this class was I met and learned about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters are men dressed as nuns in fancy attire who contribute to society by raising money for various charitable organizations. Here I am with the fabulous Sister Indica. Isn’t her makeup just stunning? I felt very underdressed.

Workin' it with Sister Indica

Workin’ it with Sister Indica

I had a hard time refraining from piping the buttercream directly into my mouth  – but I left unscathed, having indulged in only one pina colada flavored cupcake (pineapple and coconut buttercream – YUM!). This event was a great example of a food-related event that I did just fine around, because I was able to keep myself busy by chatting, meeting new people, and decorating cupcakes! I guess when you’re on a diet, it’s all about finding ways to be comfortable around risky foods but still have a good time and leave feeling satisfied. In this case, one cupcake was the perfect amount for me to have fun and feel like I got to “cheat” without going overboard. It also helped that I had my Diet to Go lunch before I went, so I wasn’t too hungry, and  my “cocktail” of choice was a diet coke with a wedge of lime. Also… I was pretty proud that I came home with 8 beautiful cupcakes and how many did I eat? Not one!!! I had guests this week so they polished them off, and decorating them alone is enough for me to enjoy them. Me and cupcakes = Weight Loss BFFs.

Mmm, buttercream.

Mmm, buttercream.

For more information about AIDS Life Cycle Events, click here, and for more information about Sir Cakes A Lot and his amazing work, click here!

What do ya think – would you like to learn how to make cupcakes while drinking cocktails?

5 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Cocktails

  1. Yesterday at a birthday party I totally wanted a cupcake but my friends insisted that it wasn’t worth the calories since they were standard grocery store cupcakes. If I was going to fail, it should be on a gourmet cupcake only.

    It worked. I didn’t have one.

    I just had three small brownies instead. HAHA!


  2. I could totally go for cupcakes and cocktails right now! Instead, we starting drinking beer at 9:30am yesterday morning (as Matt can attest to.) Obviously, an equally good idea as cupcakes and cocktails at noon on a Monday…

  3. This looks like a very fun event and for a very good cause too! I’ve seen some of the sisters before when they hosted a drag show at Paddy’s in Ventura! It was a ton of fun and our cover charge went to the AIDS Life Cycle. I will definitely look into more of their events. Also, your cupcakes looking uh-mazing!

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