Confession time: Exercise Edition

Forgive me Leo, for I have sinned. Also - this is what happens when you work from home. Pictures with cats.

Tonight I was lamenting how I feel like I have blogger’s block lately – and to my credit I’ve been very, very busy with starting a new job, traveling for said new job, working on my thesis, and just living life in general. So, the blogger’s block is pretty much just from exhaustion, not wanting to quit my blog or anything, so no worries! Matt suggested I blog about exercise, and I felt myself cringe because that would mean a CONFESSION. Dun, dun, dun. So here it is – a confession.

I haven’t exercised in… a really long time. Like more than a couple weeks. Like, the last time I can remember was some time in early August, probably when my grad school buddy Virginia and I hit up water aerobics. I have no good reason, because everybody in the world is really busy, and I need to make time for it. But there’s just something about actually DOING IT that gets in the way. Maybe it’s having to dig for a sports bra, and then finding the stretchy capris that don’t give me a wedgie, and then having to find socks, and then having to put on shoes, and then having to actually exercise and deal with the sweat and the out of breathness and the tiredness. But see, those are all excuses, because we all know nine times out of 10 you finish a workout feeling great.

In an effort to make exercise a little less tiresome and daunting, I decided to purchase a used Wavemaster Boxing Bag. It was $35 on Craigslist, and really, truly the only exercise I have ever enjoyed is boxing. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s waiting in the backyard for the first day that’s less than 100 degrees. I figure even if I can get out there for a measly 10 minutes every now and then and work up a sweat, it’s better than what I’m doing now, which is nothing. (Cringe).

Whew. Ok. I feel better now that everything’s out in the open. Now I just need to do a weigh in post too – I’ll shoot for one early next week. Surprisingly, for a week of eating restaurant food, I weighed in only a couple pounds up. I’ll be back on track these next few days so I have a good reliable number to report back. So – it’s your turn now. Anything to confess?

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  1. **shame.** I’m in the same boat. I have a hard time working up the energy just to do it. I told myself I’d get a half hour on the treadmill every morning before work… I have done that 0 times. What do you do to get motivated?

  2. I too have experienced “bloggers block” caused by plain exhaustion. When I get home I’m so wiped out from writing at work all that I don’t have any “writing love” to give to my blog! On top of that the heat makes me not want to workout at all. I did walk on my Wii Fit Board for an hour and a half yesterday while watching TV and my legs feel tired today. I can at least do that. Buuut…since I’m moving to Northridge I decided I definitely need to renew my SRC membership, then we can go do fun classes together!!

  3. Sorry you are experiencing a writers block. My only advice on getting back into excercise……..just make it happen.

    For me trying to work out after work wasn’t working (how many times can I fit work into that sentence? LOL). I’d always have an excuse…I’m tired. It’s too hot. Today sucked in general and I want to curl up on the couch and do nothing. I’ve got plans and I don’t have time to shower before.

    Best thing I ever did was start working out in the mornings. It’s tough the first couple weeks (especially if you aren’t a morning person) but once you get in the routine your body adjusts and it’s nothing to get up early and get your work out over and done with.

    One thing you said was…..”I haven’t used it yet, but it’s waiting in the backyard for the first day that’s less than 100 degrees.” No offense (and please don’t take this the wrong way) but that kind of sounds like an excuse to me which from the rest of your post I feel like you are trying NOT to do that.

    If the weather sucks get up early and do it before you go to work, the it’s over and done with for the day! Not sure your work schedule so if you have to be at work by 6:30 that might be tough, but if you can even squeeze in 10-20 minutes each morning with your boxing bag that’s better than nothing. Then just build up from there. Take small steps instead of giant leaps and it’s easier.


  4. Hmmm…the only confession I can make at the moment is that I’ve been procrastinating on writing this crappy little 500 word article for Patch. Then again, they’ve been procrastinating when it comes to paying me. All’s fair in love and freelancing?

    Also, If you come out here one weekend, or even one weekday (now that you can kinda, maybe sorta do that) we could run around Old Town–shopping, fresh air, gossip, and exercise all in one!

  5. I so miss our workouts! I’m contemplating renewing but i might wait a couple of weeks cause it’s still a little pricey for this unpaid intern! They kept water aerobics – same time, same day and added aqua zumba! Sounds fun. I was looking through the class schedule and I got so excited, they have so many new classes. I admit, my exercise is now limited to walking the dogs and occasionally a little yoga or weight lifting. It’s tough when you are alone and you have to motivate yourself. Anyway, our dog walking date is still on, my dear.

  6. You are very good at weeding out and recognizing what your excuses are… Now the question is what are you going to do to stop making them?

    In terms of work out clothes – I used to use the same excuse. I could never find the work out clothes in the piles of laundry and by the time I found something it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for so I said forget it and kept my butt on the couch. Then I cleared a specific spot in a specific drawer in my room and bought specific work out only clothes that go into the drawer. So now, whenever I am putting my laundry away I know there is a specific spot for my workout clothes and I don’t have to worry about finding them. And I make sure I have something for all weather types – shorts, capris, 3/4 length pants, pants, jackets, sports bras, socks and tanks. I removed the excuse from my mind and now I know I cant use that when I get home.

    I hate exercising. I don’t get home from work after a 10 hour day and say “Gee I can’t wait to go on that 30 minute run” but I never, ever come home and say “I really shouldn’t have done that run.” There are some people who love exercise and I think they are really lucky. I have to work at it. But I have yet to regret a single exercise. And it is that thought that pushes me out the door every time I start to waiver.

    And I think I have said this before, but sometimes you have to start small. A walk around the block after work, parking far away from classes. Don’t try to be a marathoner or a boxing champion when you haven’t been in a continual exercise routine. You will burn yourself out and make yourself believe that you can’t do it. But you can.

    Have you thought about setting yourself an actual goal? For me and my running, I signed up for a 5k. I am a cheap ass and knew that if I spent money on something I was damn sure going to complete it or kill myself trying. Plus I got a shiny new medal out of the deal and who doesn’t like bling? And now the only thing[s] that are getting me out the door are the medals that are waiting for me in the months to come and the enormous amount of money I have shelled out to be able to participate is such events. If the self discipline is not inside to make you go out and get your exercise on, then you need to look outside of yourself and find something else that will push you into a routine. And then stick with it. And not just for a few weeks. It has taken me MONTHS to get used to running 3 times a week and I still struggle with it some days but my body is used to it so it knows to immediately go up stairs and start to change every Tuesday after work, no matter what my mouth and mind are saying.

    … I hope that wasn’t harsh. I do not mean to offend – I just know how hard it can be to get into an exercise routine and I know it’s hard to hear people tell you what you already know… I’m here for you!

  7. I am in the same boat, exercise-wise. It was so nice working out (a.k.a. walking 2 miles to the beach) on Martha’s Vineyard… somehow, suiting up to go to the gym because it’s 110 degrees and humid here in Austin just doesn’t feel the same. New solution: move to a beautiful island. Done.

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