Coming in July 2018: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, “The Sleeve”

I’m getting weight loss surgery.

It feels freeing to type those words. It feels freeing to have a rapidly approaching helping hand, a tool in my toolbox to help me get to a healthier weight. It feels freeing to say, “I have done the research.” It feels freeing to know that this minimally-invasive surgery is safer than staying morbidly obese. It feels freeing to know that this body of mine, the body I have fought and broken and challenged for so many years will finally have a chance to be what I want it to be.

This decision has not come lightly. It has been the result of painful moments, of deep disappointment, of medical hurdles , of serious reflection and work. A few years back, surgery didn’t feel right for me. I was also about 50 pounds lighter back then. But babies and life and habits and hormones have taken their toll on this body and metabolism, and I find myself the heaviest I’ve ever been, ready to get to a point where I feel like ME in my skin, not a stranger in a heavy, stiff suit. For years I have tried to live between the dueling worlds of loving myself completely but being so uncomfortable in this skin. Now, I’m giving myself an exit strategy. It’s not the easy way out. In fact, I think making this decision to have an elective surgery that will seriously change my eating habits and life is pretty damn brave. But something needs to happen, and I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Am I scared? Of course. There are unknowns. There are possible side effects. Nothing is perfect, after all. But I am ready — and I’m ready to write the happy ending of the Double Chin Diary, the one where I walk happily into the sunset in a tankini, not self conscious about my stomach rolls, but instead, strutting with the positive satisfaction of a life well-lived and a body and mind that feel good. There will be bumps in this road, but it’s a road I’m excited to travel. My stomach will be reduced in size by about 80%, and the hormonal components that make weight loss very difficult for me will dissipate over time as my body produces less of the hunger hormone. I have an excellent support team — friends near and far that have had success with this same procedure, a loving husband and family. I’m ready.

For the next six months I’ll be working on changing my eating habits and getting back into fitness. Insurance requires that you diet for six months to prove that you’re serious about making this commitment. I have done the hard work of learning to love myself despite my weight. I live a happy life as a plus-sized woman. I honor my body, beautiful in its imperfection, amazing in its creation of two beautiful daughters, two legs that walk, two eyes that see, two hands that feel, a heart that beats that I wear on my sleeve. But, I want more. I want to shop in the women’s department, not the plus section. I want to sit on an airplane feeling less like a sardine. I want to hike the hills, to climb the mountains, to surf the waves, to hide and seek with toddlers, to fully live my life and come alive with physical energy and zeal. For somebody who’s fought this battle for 20 years, it feels good to know that the reinforcements are coming. It’s going to be hard. But it’s going to be worth it — and as usual, I’ll be right here, telling you all about it.

Thanks for reading <3

29 thoughts on “Coming in July 2018: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, “The Sleeve”

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  2. Best wishes for a safe surgery. And, here’s to the prep time. Very important to follow the instructions- IMO. I almost got surgery. My last ditch effort worked. I know that surgery may be the best option for many.

    Take care and here’s to habit change. Onward.

  3. Good luck with your surgery and get prepared. I know you’ll do well enough to get a healthy and fit body. Certainly it’s not an easy decision to make but for someone, it’s the ultimate decision to make.Good luck to your 2 kids.
    Let me tell you a little story of mine. Tried many ways to lose my weigh like 24 days diet, 2 week diet plan and 3 months diet plan. And after trying to dedicate myself to wight loss, I’m on a hard diet. Left chocolate and protein. I’m all vegetarian right now and I think it’s working for me. Please pray for my best result.

  4. Aw Alyssa, I know you’ve gone back and forth about this but you seem so at peace and happy about this decision now and I think that’s great. You know we’re all here for you always! Love you

  5. Hi Alyssa, I don’t get on here very often but saw this the other day & wanted to tell you that my step son Marshall’s wife Tiffany just recently had this done as well, & I believe all went well, but I’m not sure or forgot how much weight she actually lost. Mark & I will see them at the end of April in Canton Ohio where they live. She is on FB a lot as we are NOT but if you ever want to send her a private message, I’m sure she would love to discuss all info about her surgery. I’m sure this was not an easy decision for you nor was it for Tiffany & sure she was afraid as well but I’m sure all was so very worth it for her at the same time. Any way Koodo’s for you, and I’m sure all will be just fine, & we’ll surely be praying for a successful surgery in July. Love ya Aunti Kathy

  6. I wish you the best successful surgery ever and I know you will win this journey you are on! and you will want to share with others! People are having success losing belly fat with this…

  7. This is such an inspiring blog from a plus size woman. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. It is important that we see our selves as beautiful! I was able to cut my weight down with this new product….

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