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I recently joined US Bank upon my return from Europe.  With the excitement of many extended hours and being open both Saturdays and Sunday, I’ve been very excited to enjoy instant access to my cash and all the conveniences that the bank comes with.  It is also quite nice to see the cute bank teller in his nicely colored button down shirts with each visit.  I haven’t had many opportunities to visit the bank or ATM (cash point for UK love) in the past month since I just haven’t been working.  I do find that the bank teller is just more fun to get to know than the process of the ATM anyway so I’ve hardly used my card at all.

But once it came time to finally use the code, I have been finding myself struggling with the new code that I had already supposedly memorized.  All three times within the past two days that I have used my new card, I’ve managed to enter in the wrong code.  Three times I have had to embarrassingly explain how I just got a new card to the cashier and that I’m still getting to used to the new number.  And three times I have scolded myself for being forgetful.  Clearly the beach and palm tree background on my new ATM card is very different than my last white card with moo cows and vineyards – I should know the difference between which numbers to enter and have an easy time adjusting to the change!

Tonight, however, when I went to the ATM to deposit my night’s earnings, something in my brain switched on and told me stop and think for a moment.  The voice in my head  yelped out, “You just have to break out of your old habits!”

I took a deep breath, extended my button pushing  finger, and entered in the new and correct four digits before that familiar moment of error displayed itself in front of me.

As I finished my deposit, I turned away to walk into the convenient grocery store that the bank’s branch is located in to supplement the food I had at home.

My first thought was for ice cream.

Luckily that wonderfully powerful voice chimed in again and reminded myself that I need to cut back drastically on the crap I’ve been eating lately and get real about my health.

I then walked over the produce department and picked myself up my favorite six-pack of organic bananas and bin of organic greens and got in line to change some other old habits.

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Feeling proud of my choice, I wondered why it has to be so hard to change some habits but the other?  I argued with myself that I’ve been drinking soda for a huge portion of my life and that’s why I crave that liquid sugar – but I also have been using the same ATM pin number for a huge portion of my life as well. So what gives?

Changing my old habits like the desire for sweet caffeinated beverages seems to be hardest habit of breaking for myself.  I was able to quit smoking cigarettes easier than I’m able to quit the nectar of the sugar gods!

I’ve received many suggestions like drinking carbonated water, tea, coffee, special powdered fruit flavored mixes that are 10x more “natural” than the rest… but no… nothing will ever beat an ice-cold soda or sugary Red Bull and I bet any soda addict would agree with me.

Thing is, we all know it’s so bad for us.

If only training myself to change my health habits were as easy training myself to change my pin number…

So, I wonder, how many of you have a habit that you KNOW you need to kick? Or maybe you were able to break an old habit that resulted in a wonderful change.  Tell us about about!  How’d you do it? How long did it take to truly get over it?

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4 thoughts on “Changing old habits

  1. Nice post … things to think about. I HAVE made exercise a habit. It is a part of me now. Still SO many bad habits to break though, not sure I will ever be able to stop the sugar. Baby steps. I’m controlling calories for now, and once I master that I’ll move on to more of a change to healthy eating. I hope …

  2. I think the hardest bad habits to break are the ‘social’ ones…like social smoking or eating at a party or out with friends when it’s all, “Let’s eat a ton of crap, drink a ton of booze, and chain-smoke for the next four hours!”

    Oh, peer-pressure…

  3. I have the same bad habit!! I just cannot kick the sugary treats. I recently found out that sugar can be extremely addictive. I think the only way to nix my cravings for it are to suck it up and kick it out of my life. Way easier said than done! It really tough and I’m still not sure how to get rid of my cravings. My trainer says once it’s all out of my system the cravings will go away. My problem is that in between stage. =(

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