What’s up, Wednesday?

I've been nomming on my garden grown Kale ... carb-free!

I’ve been nomming on my garden grown Kale … carb-free!

Hello, hello. I hope your day is off to a nice start, or if you’re reading this in the afternoon/evening, that it’s been AWESOME so far! I have a mish-mash of randomness to chat about today. The first is, results of my weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in. I was having trouble with motivation this week, even though I’ve been cutting carbs like a champ. As outlined in several PCOS/Low Glycemic diet guide books, I’m trying to stick to 100 carb grams or less per day. It’s actually a very doable amount, in that you can still have bites here and there of yummy carbs like red potatoes, it’s just the “empty carbs” that have to go. I just wasn’t feeling the whole “constantly trying to lose weight” thing, especially since I found an old journal from five years ago where I weighed exactly one pound less than I do now. That sent me into this whole “Why do I even bother?” type mindset, making me think things like “Maybe this is just who I am. Maybe I just need to accept that this is my weight, forever.” However, common sense spoke, as it often eventually does, and my friend who’s also dieting reminded me that we’re not getting any younger, and there’s the whole health thing to worry about. I ate the chip off my shoulder, and moved on. I forced myself to weigh in today, and while I dreaded stepping on the scale even though I knew I had done alright, I was rewarded with a 1.5 pound loss, making my total weight loss hover around 22 pounds. That was a good reminder for me that sometimes you just need to SHOW UP to find new inspiration. I have a semi-goal of trying to shed 8 more pounds before my Cabo San Lucas vacation in May. I say semi-goal because as I’ve learned with PCOS, setting up a numerical goal is sometimes a bad idea, because my body bloats like a sponge in water, and jeans/measurements are a much more reliable factor for me. But you get the drift. I’m tryin’ to be good. Enough of that, let’s talk about VIKINGS!

I'll refrain from making a bad Helga/Olga joke, but you know what I'm thinking about singing!

I’ll refrain from making a bad Helga/Olga joke, but you know what I’m thinking about singing!

Remember how I wrote a post about how I’m not fat, I’m just a viking? On Sunday, the husband and my mom and I trekked up to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks for the Scandinavian Festival! We got to hear stories, lore and historical facts (like the fact that nobody likes Lutefisk), and there were all sorts of cool crafts for kids, like making floral wreaths and butter knifes. I, for one, most enjoyed the dress up, as you can see by the photo above. We enjoyed traditional Swedish fare of roasted corn (Yeah, not really traditional Swedish fare), curly fries, and fresh berries with cream, and spent some time shopping at all the little Norwegian/Swedish vendors. I got a cute blue and yellow horse that says ‘Vilkommen’ to hang on my front door. Here’s me in a traditional Swedish kitchen, feeling right at home amongst the cabbages.

Scandinavian Festival

Sweet Swedes in a traditional Swedish kitchen

Lastly, I have some good stuff to tell you guys about in the next few days! In the “I’m becoming a hippie” vein, I’ve stumbled upon some really cool natural healing/wellness products from a brand called Bio-Ray. Using some of their herbal detox products in conjunction with now weekly acupuncture has helped some of the ongoing health issues I’ve been having. I’ll have more details for you soon. I am also excited to share a low-calorie banana split recipe in the next few days, courtesy of some amazing light, all natural ice-cream from my friends at Halo Top Creamery. I’ll be spending some time in Palm Springs over the next few days, and when I’m not hanging with my desert tortoise friends or logging training miles walking around the living desert, I hope to be catching up on writing some more posts. Ok, I lied, I have one more thing to tell you about…

Woohoo! Let's keep fundraising and walking!

Woohoo! Let’s keep fundraising and walking!


Lastly (for real this time) thank you SO MUCH for your support of me and the 3-Day! In my first day of fundraising I raised $469, which is 20% of my total goal of $2,300. I am humbled and overwhelmed by the amazing encouragement you all have given me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! $2,300 will allow me to walk 60 miles in San Diego with my team, the Double Chin Divas. Can anybody out there make a $31 donation and help me reach my first mini goal of $500? Once I’ve met $500, we don’t have to stop there — keep those donations coming! One $60 donation funds a walker for the whole 3 days, and a $35 donation funds transportation costs for a patient undergoing chemotherapy. If you can’t make a donation, consider registering for the 3-Day and walking with the Double Chin Divas! (Don’t worry – if you’re a dude and would prefer not to be a diva, we’ll make a concession and make your shirt say Double Chin Dude 😉 ) Using the code TEAM20 at The3Day.org through April 16 will save you $20 off your registration, making it $50. We’ll have a blast training together, walking together, and kicking cancer’s butt.

That’s all I got for today. Keep on rockin’!


Wacky Wednesday

I love me some outlandish claims, but really? “Eat Brownies, Get Muscles!” ? That’s a whole new ballpark. I think I’d rather “Eat French Fries, Get Skinny!”

While their trademarked tagline is ridiculous, you have to admit it’s intriguing, because most protein bars I’ve tasted taste like sawdust with sugarfree hot cocoa powder dusted on top.

PS Just looked up their website and they’re in the same town I live in. Irony!

My Weight Loss Dilemma

Hello dear readers: now that there’s more than a few of you, I realize I need to make this into an actual weight loss blog and LOSE some weight! Sigh – I was hoping I could keep up the facade forever 😉 (I jest.) I’m hoping to get my new “Progress” link going in the next few days – so help me make a decision on which way to lose my flabby fluffy flubber! PLEASE leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I crumble easily under peer pressure… which is why my doughnut-pushing co-workers are evil. For those of you who are new to the blog, I’ve got the exercise thing goin’ on, so any plan I follow will include lots of heart pumping cardio and strength-training 🙂

  • Weight Watchers. It’s reliable, it’s worked for me before, it’s very well recommended, it’s sensible and livable. I can have a glass of wine, I can eat sugar. Keeps me accountable with weekly weigh ins and motivational meetings. I’ve seen it work for many of my friends. Cons are: I sometimes feel I have too much freedom, it’s not cheap at $40+ a month, and there’s start up costs associated with getting e-tools, the little calculator, etc. Sometimes the meetings get a little preachy, and I’ve never been spurred to motivation by the cheesy stories and jokes. I also end up not tracking sometimes due to forgetting, being in meetings all day at work, etc. Can anybody comment on the online plan? How does it work?
  • Low Carb – Ala South Beach. It works for me better than any other plan, and completely eliminates my problems with boredom or emotional eating. It’s just strict enough to keep me away from the stuff that makes me uncontrollable, and I get to eat yummy fatty stuff like cream cheese and bacon (within reason). Weight loss is rapid and the rapid pace keeps you motivated. It’s fairly inexpensive, but it’s also a hard lifestyle to maintain when you’re at parties or out with friends. Also makes it fairly difficult to cook for the husband since I’m one of those “I cook for you because I love you” type of people. I can usually last a few weeks before I feel like stabbing somebody for a bite of an apple.
  • Old School – The tried and true of weight loss. Cut the crap, move more, eat less. This way WORKS, no questions asked, and I’ve lost 30 pounds before this way, but I also had a free nutritionist on hand (ah the joys of being a student and working only PT) and a crazy schedule (hence less time to eat and always being on the move). I feel like in many ways this is the hardest choice at all – because it means being GOOD. Journaling my food choices on my own, having to really be conscious of decisions I make. Inexpensive, certainly less limiting than low carb.

So there you have it. Tell me what you think – what’s worked for you, why it’s worked, your opinions, etc. I realize this is a personal choice, but I like to weigh out the factors on all sides before making a decision. I’m a highly analytical person and like to hear suggestions, because sometimes you get your head so far up your own butt that obvious facts get buried in vanity, stubbornness or sheer laziness. I’m also kind of ridiculously wishy-washy. Matt picked out his wedding band in 20 minutes. It took me over a month.

My brain is kind of telling me to go back to Weight Watchers, but my heart wants to believe I have that little bird of hope and inspiration in my soul that will burst into song and cling on to the deeply-hidden willpower within me. (Little bird of hope just vomited at that trite, over the top description)

So – it’s a swing vote. Influence me. Peer pressure me. Convince me. It’s time to practice your persuasive speaking skills (btw, I am VERY persuasive. Won an award for it in a college political science debate class!). Those of you lurking behind your computer screens, SAY SOMETHING! I know you’re there, I can see you in the daily visitor numbers. Say something! GO!

At least I’m not fat

I wasn’t always overweight – I arrived into this world at an average 7 pounds, 4 ounces or something like that. Through out my childhood I sported plump, apple cheeks, but didn’t tilt the scales until about the age of 10, around when my family moved to California. I remember wearing the girl’s size XL, and an unpleasant discussion at the doctor’s office about being overweight. “She needs to exercise,” the doctor had said, noting my ever-climbing weight. My mom replied, no doubt in protection, “She doesn’t love sports, but she does love to read.” I’ll never forget the doctor’s reply – “Reading is great exercise for the brain – but not the body!”

Age four - no chub yet!

As puberty crept up on me, my weight blossomed even more, morphing into fleshy hips and a soft, pudgy tummy. I was outgrowing the junior’s size 12s, having to squeeze my curvy waist into cheap L.E.I. jeans in women’s size 13s from Mervyns. My first devastating insult about my weight came from a boy I had a huge crush on, Patrick. We were friends and classmates and walked home from school together, crunching leaves and sucking the sap out of honeysuckles. He called me “Hey Arnold” after the cartoon, because we both had blonde hair. He was really tall and gangly, with small, narrow eyes and a deep, nerdy voice. In gym class one day we had to run a mile. As a fumbling klutz, running was something I despised, a special torture for a chubby girl with a propensity for words. I can even remember my outfit that day  -a purple Guess shirt and white cotton shorts.  As we lapped the dirt track together, he taunted me that he would win.  Adrenaline and ambition kicked in, and by some miracle, I propelled myself past him through the finish line, the victorious winner by a few seconds. As I applauded my own girls-against -boy victory, he hit me where he knew it would hurt – my emotions.

“Well – at least I’m not FAT!” he spat out, the friendly look in his eye replaced with macho venom.

Had I been the spunky girl I would have liked to imagine myself as, I would have replied, “Well – at least I’m not an ASSHOLE!” but instead, I slunk off like a guilty dog, reminded that once again, it didn’t matter what girls accomplished, but rather, what they looked like. I never wore those white shorts to school again. (He’s dead now, how’s that for Karma? I kid, I kid. Sadly, he is deceased of a drug overdose, which is a shame because despite this little sting, he was a nice, intelligent kid)

It’s so easy to remember the insults and the bad things that happen to you, even when you hear a lot of praise otherwise. I’d like to say comments like these didn’t affect me, but I guess they did if I’m blogging about them 14 years later – but hey, it fueled a blog post, so I guess that’s something.

Do you remember insults about your looks from days past? One of the worst I’ve ever heard is a guy who called my sister “Princess Fat Arms”. WTF! People can be so cruel.

Watching my weight without weight watchers

Hello bloggies! Today was my last Weight Watchers meeting. While I know the program definitely works, I’ve faced the sad realization that for it to work, you have to be at least 90% committed to the program. As somebody who hasn’t tracked in over a month…. I’ve admitted to myself that there is no reason to continue to pay for a program I’m not following. It’s a bit of a tricky subject because we have Weight Watchers at work, which is a bit more expensive and requires at least 15 people to sign up for a new session to start.

I feel a little guilty because without my membership, they’re under the minimum people to join. Luckily I’m not the only dropout, but I just can’t part ways with $200 if I’m not REALLY gonna do it, you know? There’s a few other reasons I’m not joining too – the meetings were not inspiring to me anymore, and the meeting is scheduled at 12 pm (lunch). Since I work in the wild wild web, lunch happens when it happens… not always at noon.

I’m getting back into a steady gym habit and that seems to be helping, and I may go back to my old friend the Atkins diet for a few weeks to shed some excess flubber before my friend’s wedding. (I’m a bridesmaid!) I know the Atkins diet is crazy controversial…. but it really works for me, despite the first few days of intense, heroin withdrawal-type cravings for bread. Before my wedding, I took off a good 10-12 pounds in 3 weeks, where as Weight Watchers had taken me two months to shed that. (Again – I know which one is healthier, but let’s not get into the debates).

So – it’s with a little twinge of guilt and regret (that I lacked the commitment to give the program my all), but mostly, a happy wallet, that I step out of the Weight Watchers world and into the losing-it-on-my-own world – a less expensive, but way more personalized approach to the body I want to have. I lost 27 pounds in college just by going to the gym, cutting my carbs, and meeting with an on-campus nutritonist – so I’m feeling good about wingin’ it on my own. I’ve always been kind of a loner, anyways 😉

Wacky Wednesday

Today’s Wacky Wednesday is brought to you by my sister April. She saw this advertisement recently while out on the town:

Yeah – exactly! I wish my “before” looked liked that. So, the after is a little more hour glassy, a little sexier – but still no ripped abs, and certainly not worth the torture that whatever new systems of levers and pullees to make you ripped would invoke! Ah- Advertising. The president of advertising at work (he’s my boss, and a pretty cool one at that) has this poster in his office:


Now, I’ve also been very busy at work lately, and I think I found the perfect solution to my busy lifestyle. Instead of going home for lunch to have a proper meal at a TABLE, with a fork and knife, I’m going to buy myself one of these.

Because, why waste valuable time holding a sandwich, when I could be knitting, playing the accordion or designing finger puppets, instead? Since I can’t put down my iPhone for my than 5 seconds, why not keep my ham-sammy a bite’s length away? Can you image using this thing with a Tuna Fish sandwich? Ew…. Smeary, wet fish everywhere. NOM NOM. Have you seen any weird, wacky or just plain dumb stuff around you lately?