April’s One Month Check-In!

Hello readers!

It was just over a month ago that I decided to give up double decker tacos to become a double chinner instead.  The motivation that I have gained from writing on my sister Alyssa’s blog has provided me with much success that I am pleased to share with you all today!

Since my first weigh-in on October 1st, I am down 6 pounds after five weeks of jumping up and down a pound or two.  This week was the first time I lost weight consecutively two weeks in a row as well!

I tried to exercise more by going for a walk/run along side a wetland close to where I work.  I also went on an intense hike yesterday in my Natural Resources class that left me embarrassingly pink and longing for a pony tail holder that I had forgotten in the car. With the addition of my hula hooping, my waist has been whittling away like the faith of my fellow Californians in knowing if GMO’s are in our food or not.

Speaking of hula hooping, I’ve got the results of my Hula Hoop Challenge!  I originally measured in with a 45″ inch waist but when I measured myself a few days later for Myfitnesspal.com I measured at 44 inches.  I should start measuring by the mole on my stomach or something because it’s hard to keep track of where exactly it was that I measured!

But either way, my newest measurement was only 41.5″!!!  That’s a 2 1/2 inch loss off my waist in five weeks!!!   I feel like I was really bloated a month ago with my summer habits and now that I’m back on a healthier way of life, getting the inches off my waist was rather easy since I’m no longer feeling so fluffy.

I did not successfully do my Acu-Hoop for ten minutes a day for every day of the month like I planned.  I averaged about five times a week for two reasons.   One was that there were days when sitting down and being lazy seemed better than standing for ten minutes shaking my hips with the dogs barking at me.  The better excuse that prevented me from hula hooping is that I WAS SORE!  I was getting these horrible pulled muscle feelings at times when I would stand up or sit down and after two weeks of thinking something was wrong with me, I realized it was probably because I was overexerting my abs.  So I cut back and now the pain isn’t happening as much.  Plus I decided I should only do seven or eight minutes at a time instead because after eight minutesis when it really starts to hurt.

When I lost the nine inches years before, I was using a three-pound hoop.  I somewhat regret buying the five pound hoop because it seems for every day use, it seems to be too much weight.  Maybe once I am super fit that hoop won’t have such an effect on me but for now, getting through ten minutes every day is rough!

So if you’re thinking about getting one of hoops, don’t necessarily pay attention to the pound suggestion the website has for which size you should get!

But enough with these words, here are my progress photos!

Lots of love,

Guest Post: Jennifer’s Weight Watchers Success Story

Hi everybody! I work with an amazing gal named Jennifer P. who has been an awesome success story in our Weight Watchers Meeting. I asked her to guest blog since I love hearing the “success stories” in regards to weight loss!  It’s a good reminder that anything is possible as long as you work hard for it and stay focused. Please read her story below and show her some comment love!


My journey to a skinnier me began on April 15th, 2010. Weight Watchers was being offered through work and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to join. I had been on Weight Watchers before between 2003 and 2004 and had lost 65 lbs. before I stopped going and eventually gained everything I lost and then some. The entire time I had been away from the program, I knew in the back of my head what I should be eating but my desire for delicious food almost always won out and I reverted back to my old habits quite easily.

Jen's awesome weight loss!

When I started Weight Watchers this time, I took a different approach than I did before. I followed the program as best as I could and I wouldn’t let my little mishaps affect me on a larger scale. If I happened to gain weight one week I would, and still continue, to tell myself that I can lose it again and it’s not the end of the world. I had lost 10% of my starting weight by Aug 2010 and by the end of 2010, I had lost 50 lbs. There were a few months in between Oct and Dec of this year in which I has lost my motivation and the only reason I was maintaining my weight loss at the time was because I was going to the gym on a consistent basis. After the holiday season, I decided I needed to get back on track and by April of 2011 I had hit 60 lbs. I must say, I was extremely proud of myself. I still ate whatever I wanted, but in monitored portions, and limited myself to snacking only if it was within my points for the day and/or week. This was a new accomplishment for me and I found I had completely changed some old habits that I had. I’m the main food preparer at home so I got quite a few cookbooks and magazines that contained nutritional information and utilized Weight Watchers online for additional recipes and cook foods that are within reasonable point’s values on a daily basis. My family has never complained about any of the, as some people would consider, “diet” recipes.

Now, since April of 2011 through Feb of 2012, I have fluctuated between 55 and 62 lbs of weight loss. Believe me, it is still an accomplishment to have come so far but I want to reach my final goal and I only have 25 lbs more to go. I’m a little aggravated and I’m personally trying to figure out why I have been stagnant in my weight loss. I’m trying not to let this plateau affect my motivation and I do continue to struggle daily. I have noticed that my clothes continue to fit differently, however, and I’m becoming more tone. I continue to attend the gym on a bi-weekly basis and also attend a pilates class to focus more on my core strength. Before these past couple of years, I despised any sort of physical activity and would never in a million years have considered working out and being a member of a gym. Now, I can’t live without it and the amount of physical energy I have now from both the weight loss and the additional exercise that I’m getting is a phenomenal feeling. I’ve even contemplated doing a 5K, which is also a first for me. I feel younger than I am (even though when I wake up in the morning I feel like I’m 80…so much for getting older) and it has increased my self esteem as well. I am continuing with the new “me” and I hope I can share my 100% success story once I reach that final goal.