Summer Shapeup: Diet to Go Meal Review

I hereby declare June the official Diet to Go month, because this June, I’ve lost about 5 pounds following the Diet to Go plan. You guys know I’ve long been a fan of Diet to Go, because their meals are simple, easy to prepare and above all, super tasty. Here’s a shot of my turkey meatball on fettucini with broccoli. This was delicious — and I couldn’t believe those gigantic meatballs were under 300 calories. Wow!

Diet to Go Turkey Meatball

Diet to Go Turkey Meatball

One of my favorite things about Diet to Go besides the awesome taste, is the convenience factor. Last week, I was working 12 hour days, bouncing around from my onsite gig and then coming home to log in and write for my social clients. Sometimes, the clock bogs me down and before I know it, I’m starving and crabby, wondering when it’s dinner time — and then I see it’s 8:15 PM. Whoopsies! Diet to Go to the rescue, because a few quick minutes later I’m microwaving and sitting down for a meal that’s not coming from a drive-through or a giant, crinkly bag of tortilla chips. When you’re trying to lose weight, these small changes make all the difference. Here’s another recent favorite — a yummy and totally filling turkey breast sandwich with provolone cheese, BBQ sauce and apple sauce. I threw some persian cucumbers in there to round it out and my tummy was a happy camper.

Diet to Go Turkey Sandwich

Diet to Go Turkey Sandwich

Diet to Go is doing an awesome Summer Shape Up Promotion, and one of the things they’re offering my readers is a $50 giftcard off any meal plan! Sweeeeeeeet.


Because they’re serious about you shaping up for the summer (and I am too), I’m also inviting you to join in on the official Diet to Go DietBet. Remember how we did this a few months ago? Some of you walked away with a nice pocketful of cash, and now you have a chance to do it again. The buy in is $25, and if you lose 4% of your starting weight, you’ll split the pot among the winners. That could be upwards of $50 – $60 — or even more, easily doubling your money back. I’m in, and hopefully now that I’ve got a treatment plan for my haywire hormones, hopefully I’ll be countin’ my benjamins at the end. Join us for the DietBet here!

And last but not least, you should enter for your chance to win the Diet to Go Summer Shape Up Sweepstakes over here on Facebook! Five people will win a week of free meals and one grand prize winner will score a WHOLE MONTH of free meals. Count me in!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions about Diet to Go. I am being compensated a small stipend to review their meals, but as always, I will never promote anything on the Double Chin Diary that I don’t personally approve of, ‘cuz let’s face it, some of the stuff out there for weight loss is horse ca-ca. But, Diet to Go isn’t it! Also, if you decide to try it, please use one of the links in this blog post or the big circular badge on the right hand side of the blog. I’ll receive a small commission, which helps pay for the hosting fees, site expenses and maintenance of this here blog. But no pressure at all; above all, this blog is a place to share experiences and work together on getting healthy.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! xoxo

PPS: Did you enter to win a Spandits headband yet?! Hurry, only two more days until I pick a winner!

Spandits Review and Giveaway

You guys know that I LOVE headbands, because I’m a sweaty beast, and I don’t want sweat interfering with my beast mode. I also have “Einstein” hair that likes to fly away in inconvenient wisps, getting in my eyes, so lately, headbands have become a MUST for this chick. I was doin’ my thang as I always do when I noticed one day that a company called Spandits followed me on Twitter. I checked out their website and instantly fell in love; I mean, who wouldn’t want to rock these awesome neon leopard shorts? Looking through their site I got a little bit of “skinny envy”, as I call it, when I see something that I as a big girl “shouldn’t” wear, but then, the sweaty chick inside of me rejoiced when I saw that they sell headbands, too!

Women’s Over the Knee Capris

I contacted them, asked for a sample to review, and the rest is brand-lovin’ history. Spandits headbands are unique because they’re 100% made in the USA, and it came packaged with an explanation of the brand. I requested a “midnight blossom” headband and it’s soooo cute – nice, bright flowers and paisley against a black background, perfect coordinating colors for any fitness fashionista. When I put on the headband, I loved immediately how the inside folds weren’t sewed shut, because it was up to me to determine how thick or thin I wanted to make the headband. For exercising with Richard Simmons at his Beverly Hills fitness studio “Slimmons“, I wore it across my forehead to keep sweat out of my eyes, and then for our photo opp, I pushed it back onto my braids and it made a cute headband. ADORABLE!

The Double Chin Diary, Richard Simmons and Spandits

The Double Chin Diary, Richard Simmons and Spandits

I used it once again on a hot and sweaty hike in the Malibu Mountains, and was delighted how functional and fun my special Spandits headband was. The best part about Spandits besides their awesome quality and designs is the price. Spandits headbands are only $8 – a great deal compared to some of the bands floating around out there that are (gasp) $18 each. While I don’t doubt some of those are worth the money, $18 is just a little too much for a sweat-soaking piece of fabric. However, I can get behind $8 because it’s made in the USA by two fitness-loving moms, they’re super cute, and it’s supporting a small business.


How would you like to win a Spandits headband of your own? It’s easy! Just follow the steps below for multiple chances to win. Please note, you must leave a blog comment with your favorite headband fabric to be eligible to win (please choose from the “Swatches” option – the extra fabric are for orders over $350 only) – all of the other options are just extra chances! Woohoo! This giveaway will end on Tuesday, June 25 at 11:59 PM PST. USA only, 18+. Please e-mail alyssa at if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK!
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All aboard with Big Train! GIVEAWAY!

Since I started writing in this lovely and motivational  blog, my sister Alyssa has been awesome enough to let me do some product reviews.  I first got to try out a bra from as you may remember from this funny story…  More recently however I have been fortunate enough to try out a protein shake from the company Big Train!


I started drinking my yummy drink last Wednesday after I had two hours of tennis and before I went on to another two hours of Pilates and yoga.  Since I started this crazy routine of mass amounts of exercise, my body has been craving some sort of pick-me-up that could actually keep me full through my mornings when I wasn’t able to snack.

The chocolate frappe protein shake has provided me with just the boost I’ve needed!  After my first shake last week I made it through the next classes with no problem of  my grumbling tummy disturbing my neighbors during quiet pranayama breathing routine.  Over the past five days I have been rotating between having the shake for either breakfast or lunch.  With the addition of the calories from my milk and the calorie count of only 130 kcal per 1/2 cup of mix, the shakes turn out to be a nice little meal substitute.

I had some issues in  the beginning with being able to thoroughly blend the powder into my milk, but that was before I asked you, the readers, what you did about that issue.  So many of you suggested  the blender ball so I promptly went out an bought a bottle of my own.   Over the weekend I actually had time to make a blended frozen shake with half a banana and it was so good I’m suddenly inspired to go make another one… Even though I already had my shake after tennis today!

April’s frozen shake with banana

The thing I like best about these Big Train shakes is that they don’t taste grainy or chalky like so many I have had before.  Plus I *really* like how it lasts me a good three hours or so before I start to get hungry again.  I’ve tried probably about six or seven different protein shakes and I have yet to find one that I would continue to use.  I might actually consider maintaining my use of the chocolate frappe once my bottle runs out.  I tend to be somewhat of a cheap ass so the $45 price tag will be what I would call an “investment” but when I think about it, the whole jug is enough to last me for about a month and comes out to to be about $1.50 a meal.  That’s pretty cheap when I think of it that way.

April and her first Big Train shake!

April and her first Big Train shake before she invested in a blender ball.

One of the cool things about this company is that they don’t just do protein shakes either.  In fact, they have a whole array of a bunch of different kinds of tasty convenient beverages for people.  They’ve got gluten free products, kids products, low carb, low sugar, no caffeine, seasonal products… all sorts of stuff!  They even have baked goods!

The folks over at Big Train were awesome enough to send me some goodies along with my shake mix to give away for our readers to try.

So tell me readers… Why should you be the winner of the Big Trail shake giveaway?
It’s super easy to enter… Pick one or all of the things below for your chance to win! Leave a comment for each thing you do, or if you only do one, that’s fine too – just make sure you leave a comment on this post that you did it! We will pick one random winner on Wednesday, April 10th at 11:59 PM PST. US and ages 18+ only, please. If you win, we’ll verify that you did certain things, so please be honest 🙂


In the meantime, I’ll continue drinking my shake every day and will report back in a few weeks with whether or not I feel it had an impact on my weight loss!

Enjoy your week!



Diet to Go Week of Meals GIVEAWAY!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… when Diet to Go gives away one whole week of meals to one lucky Double Chin Diary reader! For a recap, this plan is a pre-prepared meal plan that’s shipped to your house once a week with reheatable meals. I have lost eight pounds in the past month and have been pleasantly surprised at how yummy and simple to prepare everything is! Don’t forget – if you’re a vegetarian or even on a low-carb diet, you can still use Diet to Go! (I myself am a fan of the “low-fat traditional” menu.)

enter to win diet to go meals weight loss giveaway contest sweepstakes blog giveaway

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is visit the Diet to Go website and tell me in a blog comment which meal you would most like to try. Please hit the “I Did It” button after you write a blog comment on the rafflecopter widget below. If you have problems with it just let me know in another comment and I’ll make sure your entry is tallied.

This giveaway will end February 28 at 12 AM and is open to players 18 and up in the United States. There’s lots of other ways to score additional entries – like “liking” Diet to Go on Facebook, tweeting about the giveaway and pinning an image from this post on Pinterest. Let me know if you have any questions and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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Diet to Go BBQ Chicken Meal - SUPER yummy!

Diet to Go BBQ Chicken Meal – SUPER yummy!

Diet To Go Turkey Penne Pasta

Diet to Go Turkey Penne Pasta

Delicious Diet to Go Omelet Pomodoro

Delicious Diet to Go Omelet Pomodoro

Diet To Go Tomato Basil Soup

Diet to Go Tomato Basil Soup

Diet to go egg quesadilla

Diet To Go Egg Quesadilla



Puzzled and Polished Earrings Giveaway

Hello, Double Chinners! I’m going to start off with a fact that may surprise some of you (it will at least surprise the people who don’t follow me on instagram). Here it comes…

I am slightly obsessed with nail polish.

The obsession started in junior high, when I wasn’t quite bold enough to put colorful streaks in my hair, but felt that blood red nail polish was edgy enough to freak out my mom. When that didn’t work, I moved onto sparkly greens and teals, chunky glitters shaped like hearts and stars. My nails became a 10-fingered salute to my growing creativity and self expression, often chipped and showing the hard life of a suburban teenaged girl. (Catch that sarcasm?).

I gave up on nails in college, because the maintenance got to be too much and I preferred my nails short and unpolished, maybe sometimes with a clear coat for shine. Somehow, over the past two years, my love for nail polish has been reignited. There are several people to blame, the first being KJ Pugs, a dear friend and lover of all things glossy. The second is my friend Jenny, who brought me to my first pedicure, where I fell in love with the 5 minute foot massage and delicate, white flowers painted on my big toes.


Today, for the love of nail polish, I’m offering you this beautiful, hand-made pair of earrings from Puzzled and Polished, an awesome new business venture from my blogger friend Manda. I believe these earrings were made with Zoya Zuza, a lovely mermaid-esque teal. Manda’s son has autism, and she decided to combine her love of nail polish with her mission to raise awareness and funds for Cristian’s Cruisers, a Walk Now for Autism team. Here I am, wearing my pair. Mandy hand paints each piece with her choice of a special nail polish, and then fastens them to durable and high-quality jewelry findings. Combining nail polish with a super awesome mission? My cup of tea!

Don't let the giant wreath distract you (I know, I need to take it down!) from the beautiful Puzzled and Polished earrings I'm wearing!

Don’t let the giant wreath distract you (I know, I need to take it down!) from the beautiful Puzzled and Polished earrings I’m wearing!

If you’d like to enter to win this pair of earrings, all you have to do is “like” the Puzzled & Polished Facebook page and leave me a comment on this blog entry. I’ll pick a winner on Friday, so get likin’, before my nails dry! 😉

KalorieBox Review and Giveaway!

I love getting mail. Especially now that I work from home, I wait in anticipation for the 4:30 shuffle of steps up my front stoop – knowing then that hopefully, the postman will deliver a bevy of boxes, a parcel of padded envelopes, or at the very least, a stack of letters and not just bills. Usually my mail days are a bust, filled with the mundane reminders of adult life – political flyers, cell phone bills and grocery store circulars. But on Saturday, I scored with the mail – because I received a Kalorie Box!

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.07.55 AM

KalorieBox is right on par with the new monthly subscription type boxes sweeping the nation – As a current BirchBox member (if you sign up use this link and we both get credit!), a monthly premium beauty sample box for $10, I was eager to check out a box filled with low fat and nutritional goodies. The first thing that struck me about KalorieBox is that it has a charitable angle to it. For each box they sell, they donate meals to hungry children. Pretty cool – I like the idea of losing my weight caused from TOO MUCH FOOD to help out people who don’t have enough (which is why my DietBet winnings this month will go to No Kid Hungry!)

Upon opening the box, I was impressed with the amount of stuff they pack in it. I scored a full sized box of Cheese Thinables, a Zevia lime cola soda, a bag of pirates booty, a fiber one cookie brownie, Peeled dried mango, a Pacific Grove Almond milk drink and a $1 off coupon for Zevia. This was a pretty hefty score, and one I’m still exploring. (Love the Zevia!!!) I have definitely been curious about almond milk but didn’t want to commit to a whole gallon, so I’m jazzed to try this out in a sample size. Also, the Cheese Thinables are pretty darn decent for a large 60-calorie serving (you get a huge handful! They taste just like Cheez-Its!)


My KalorieBox loot – look at all those goodies!

KalorieBox has a few different options for subscribing – if you order one month at a time, it’s $25. If you order three months at a time, it’s $21 a month, or if you order 6 months at a time, it’s $17 a month. I definitely might check this out for a few months, because I love trying new foods and don’t always have the time to hunt them down at the store. Because seeing is believing, KalorieBox has generously offered one of my readers a sample box! There’s a ton of different ways to enter this giveaway, but I ask that you leave one comment letting me know why you want to win, and “like” KalorieBox on Facebook. This is a RaffleCopter giveaway, so for each action you complete, just hit the “I Did It!” button to the right for your action to be accepted. This giveaway will end next Wednesday at 12 AM PST and is US Only, 18+. (Don’t worry international – I have a giveaway coming up for you soon, too!)

Good Luck!

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