Cat Tales, Sugar Highs and Candy Cauldrons

Copy Cats!

Hello everyone! How was your Halloween? After a day of sugar, pizza, cheese, mini cupcakes and soda, I can 100% say I’m ready to eat CLEAN! My work put on a great party – excellent for celebrating with my fellow copy cats. (I’m a copywriter and so is every other gal in this photo… so… get it?) They provided pizza, cupcakes, pasta, cookies, candy and soda – a lunch fit for sitting on our butts the rest of the day after! (PS – My pal Amy, second from right, just got engaged!!!! CONGRATS, Amy!)

After work, the party continued at my place where we passed out candy, ate gouda cheese with crackers, and celebrated spooky Halloween! My friend Kozue is in town for a few nights from Japan, Β and it was the beautiful Sophie’s birthday, so Julie baked her a delicious funfetti cake. Happy Birthday, Sophie!

After running out of candy last year, Matt and I were prepared and bought two giant sacks from Costco. Good idea to be prepared, right? Or, bad idea to have tons of candy around in the event that we get few tricker treaters? Unfortunately we had way less kids this year – and we ended up with a cauldron full of sour patch kids, swedish fish and various chocolates. Thankfully, the hungry web developers at work have taken care of half of it… other than the mini snickers I just crammed in my mouth.

Party Animals

It was a small, low-key and perfect way to celebrate Halloween – with treasured friends, good conversation and tasty food. But as I said on Monday, now it’s time to get back on track and get down to business. I’m finally down 10 pounds and I don’t want any of it back!

After being on vacation, then getting really sick and now mucking through midterms, I can’t wait to hit the pavement and go for a good heart-pounding run, or zen out in Hatha yoga on Sunday, or sweat to the oldies with Richard Simmons. It’s time. I feel like a slug. It’s not a good feeling.

When the holidays come around, how do you fare? Are you able to resist temptation or are you like me, and struggle a little more with moderation? How’d your Halloween go?

4 thoughts on “Cat Tales, Sugar Highs and Candy Cauldrons

  1. Wow!! My Birthday online!! I am in your blog!! I am excited!! Thank you guys!! I had an amazing Halloween-Birthday with all of you!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ The Copy Cats are VERY beautiful, too!!

  2. I hear you lady! Halloween is hard, as is any reason to celebrate, because for people like you and me, celebration means food. I guess we won’t be able to change that part of our nature, but what we can learn to do is to focus more on all the REASONS we’re celebrating rather than HOW we do it. Like you said, life is full of lots of wonderful things besides yummy treats: friends, romance, family, good conversation, and yes…engagements. If we learn to be in the moment and enjoy and appreciate those things more, perhaps all the other deliciousness that goes along with big celebrations won’t seem quite as tempting. Now lets both get down to work. Back on the broomstick we go!!!

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