Cake, Cake, a Smackerel of Cake!

Using the star tip to ice sugar cookies

Tonight I started my first Wilton Decorating Basics class at Michael’s Crafts. It’s only $22 for a four week session, and I get to learn basic icing piping techniques like shells, stars, flowers and ribbons. Tonight we started by learning star tips on cookies. While in class, the topic of weight loss came up, and as usual, a few people were shocked that I was trying to lose weight while taking a decorating class. “Isn’t it, like, torture?” asked one valley-girl teenager, smacking her gum. That’s what’s so weird… cake is fun and pretty and fancy and all, but I’m not a craver of cake. You all know by now that my poison is popcorn and salty crunchies…not cake! Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies – no worries. These cookies will be eagerly devoured by my co-workers anyways, so they won’t be loungin’ around my stomping ground for long.

Star Tipped Icing Cookies

Cakes and cookies and other crap aside, speaking of junk food, this week I saw 21 Jump Street with my gal pal Kelly. (It’s super funny, by the way!) I had decided to treat myself to some popcorn, so I diligently bought a small bag and passed on the butter. So – it was totally delicious and salty and yummy, but I should have stopped half way through, but I kept going and ate it all – and then, I had a gnarly stomach ache the rest of the night and woke up at 3:30 AM with heartburn, which I NEVER have. It’s really interesting how even just a week or so of healthy eating can translate into “Oh hi, junk food. We’re going to use you to remind Alyssa’s body that junk food is bad in oh so many ways. Let’s start with a stomach ache, then add heart burn, and then we’ll finish off with crazy bloating!” So it was good food for thought for me. I enjoyed the popcorn, but I don’t know if the side effects were worth it.

Do you guys notice that even subtle changes you make in favor of a healthier lifestyle can make a big impact on how you feel? It might have been my hyper sensitive imagination, but I even felt like I was more sluggish and low energy today after my junky treat. What do you think – are you what you eat?

7 thoughts on “Cake, Cake, a Smackerel of Cake!

  1. I was thinking about taking this class! Only $22 for four weeks? There website was so clunky – I thought it was $22 a class…Want to hear more about it!

  2. I always feel nasty after a bag of movie theatre popcorn. I really need to just pop a bag pre-movie and sneak it in! PS I wish I was the Kelly you are talking about! How hilarious was that movie!?!? I loved it!

  3. I have the same reaction (of ‘oh gawd I feel ughhh’) after drinking (even a little bit) when I haven’t had any alcohol for weeks. If I drink on a weekly basis, I’m fine. But if I’ve been good and avoiding it, well, you saw me the morning after that one party. I had MAYBE two drinks…so yeah.

    I think our bodies get used to processing the crap, then, when they don’t have to do all that hard work, go in to shock mode when we’re like, “surprise! delicious but hard to digest things!”

  4. I agree. Things that I used to eat all the time just make me sick now. They are almost not worth eating. HA!

    I don’t think I could take a class like that without eating some of my results.

  5. I really feel it if I’ve been eating healthy and then go on a processed food binge. My body begins to attack itself and yell, “Why you do this to me?!” It’s one (of many) reasons I stopped eating fast food and I don’t think I could now. Body just doesn’t crave or want that.

  6. I find that my body craves what I feed it…although it’s tough for me to not eat crap and eat healthy consistently for a few days, once I do it’s what I want. I also find that eating junk food after eating healthy does not a happy body make.

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