A bundle of joy arrives in November!


My husband and I are very excited to share that in November, we’ll be parents! We enjoyed an awesome five years of marriage before deciding to expand our family, and now that we’re expecting, we’re over the moon. I’ll be sharing more on the blog later about what it will mean to have a plus-sized pregnancy (hint: nothing dramatic. With healthy eating and exercise, you can have a healthy, normal pregnancy — I have so far been lucky to have not gained a pound, and have felt great!), and how I ultimately made the decision to move forward with my life despite not reaching my goal with weight. But for now, I wanted to share a little bit about how we broke the news.

Matt and I went on a Caribbean cruise in mid-March, and thankfully, even though I was about eight weeks along, other than fatigue, I felt really good (I did miss my mojitos, though!). We decided to take a photo on the beach and write “Baby C” in the sand (See below). I’m wearing my weekly bump shirt that I made (thanks to my pal KJ Pugs), and two awesome gals on the beach helped us stage a mini photo shoot. Because we live eight hours away from our immediate family, we knew we’d have to break the news digitally to some people. Thankfully Matt’s Dad was coming down to visit, so we got to surprise him in person with a custom mug that says “Grandpa, Est. 11/15”.


We also got to tell my best friend and sister in person. I bought them aunt onesies, wrapped them in boxes, and had them both open the boxes at the same time. My sister screamed so loud and jumped up and down that I’m pretty sure the cats thought it was the apocolypse — it was awesome! Here she is right after hearing the news, and right after putting on her makeup (sorry, Ape! My timing was off on that!), hair still wet in a babushka.


Surprising my parents was a little bit more complex. We decided to have my sister print the photo from the cruise, and present it to my parents while we skyped them. You’ll hear my sister say we shipped the picture. Thanks to my awesome brother, we have this video of my mom’s insane reaction. (Back story: My mom has been annoyingly obsessed with becoming a Grandma since I was about 18 (not kidding!). She had to be sternly reminded several times that we would have kids when we were ready, and I always told her good things come to those who wait. See, Mom? It finally happened!) PS if you’re offended by F-bombs, do not watch this video because there are several of them! My favorite part is the dog jumping up and down with my mom.

I’d been trickling out the news slowly to family and friends, and as of today I’m 13.5 weeks pregnant and thanks to a detailed scan last week, we know that Baby C. looks great and is so far nice and healthy! (Please say a little prayer, send good thoughts, or make a wish on a dandelion that all continues to go well.) ๐Ÿ™‚ย  To pre-emptively answer a few questions I’ve been getting lately:

  • How am I feeling? As I mentioned earlier, my only major symptom has been fatigue, but I’m starting to perk up a little bit. I haven’t had any morning sickness and I feel so fortunate that so far I’m feeling really, really good. Being crazy excited helps ๐Ÿ™‚
  • When is the due date? November 12, a Scorpio!
  • Will we find out gender? Yes! Definitely. I think we still have a few more weeks to go before we’ll know. I definitely have a “feeling” it’s one gender, so I’ll be curious to see if I’m right!
  • Any cravings? In the earlier weeks I craved a Veggie Delite sub from Subway, and have been super averse to chicken. In fact, I’m struggling with eating meat in general. I’ve never been a big meat eater and am having to be creative about getting enough protein. The most consistent craving I’ve had is berries – strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, which I have almost daily. I’ve also craved Sour Patch Kids and Cheez-Its, but am trying to keep my junky indulgences to a minimum.
  • Was the baby planned? Yes, indeed! I am very grateful to have conceived as having PCOS can make things dicey in terms of fertility, and I am well aware of the struggles so many people go through to become parents. I am holding all of the hopeful parents to be in my heart that one day their dream is fulfilled.

So that’s my news, Double Chinners! I’ll be back on the DCD more often now because, heck, I missed y’all, and even though my new blog is cool, DCD will always be my home. Thank you as always for your loyalty and time, and for reading my little old blog. I’m a pretty lucky gal! <3

17 thoughts on “A bundle of joy arrives in November!

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  2. Your moms reaction is too cute! I couldn’t eat meat while pregnant either. Chicken made me feel especially sick! Looking forward to reading your blog:) Congratulations!

  3. OMG, I was a crazy lady when I heard the news. I have no idea why my voice went up so……high, but it’s a moment in my life i will always remember and never regret! It was the best news ever to find out my beautiful daughter Alyssa and her sweet husband were going to have a baby!

    • I actually just heard Alyssa’ mom’s reaction & was kinda of reluctant to hear the F-boms but i really didn’t hear them & just got excited along with her & laughed with pure joy to say the least lol! I loved it & thanks so much for sharing you guys!

      I know my sister Shirley would of been just as excited, but some how I know she knows & is very happy & proud for Matthew & Alyssa as we ALL are. You guys are so blessed *x* Love ya both Kathy & Mark

  4. We were so excited to say the least! I mean what a blessing! I’ll pray for the little tike’s healthy delivery for sure! Can’t wait to hear the gender at the end of this month.
    Did I tell you I absolutely love shopping for baby clothes ha!Lol!

    Love you bunches, Aunt Kathy & Uncle Mark

  5. Yay!!! So happy for you guys! I can’t wait to watch the video but there is a sleeping babe (our friends’ daughter whom I’m watching this morning) mere feet from where I sit on the couch. I’m so happy that you decided not to wait any longer, as I’m Team Carpe Diem. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Life is too short to put our dreams on hold! I had MANY aversions during pregnancy. My poor husband! I was a picky eater to begin with, and like you โ€“ not a huge meat eater. I was also more tired that I’ve ever been in my life! So happy you’re feeling great otherwise. <3

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