April is bringing sexy back

Dear Dad, just skip this post.  Thanks <3

“So let me get this straight, you work here at Torrid, and you’ve NEVER tried on a corset?” I asked in disbelief.

“Nope, not once.”  the curvaceous cashier at my favorite plus-sized store replied.

“Oh girl, one day, just for the hell of it, you should try one on.   It’s such a self-esteem booster.  It’s the only thing I own that makes me actually feel sexy.”

The cashier laughed and wished me a good day as I walked out of the store with my black bag containing the latest of my boob-pusher-uppers to add to my collection.  My very first corset came as a hand me down from a buddy and ever since she first laced me up, the corset has been my go-to for whenever I felt I needed a boost.

I left the store and pondered about the experience I just had.  Looking sexy is not something that’s high on my list of priorities but when I have the opportunity to, it definitely makes me feel awesome about myself when I look in the mirror and think, “Damn, I’d hit that.”

I couldn’t help but wonder what the cashier at Torrid does to feel sexy.  Before I discovered the corset, I had nothing.  There was not a single thing in my whole collection of clothes that made me feel as sexy as I do when I smash together my boobs and smooth out my waist with the help of a corset or bustier. I know some of the women in my life feel sexiest in a beautiful set of bra with panties but my disliking of my stomach keeps me from feeling 100% confident in a get-up like that.  Though there are plenty of plus-sized beauties out there who are ROCKING just the bra and panties look, such as one of my body image heroes, Tess Munster.   Whenever I’m feeling self-conscious, I like to think of Tess, a woman who has defied the standards of modeling.  She helps give me confidence to at least try.

Finding  the confidence to get into any sort of lingerie is hard to do.  It’s possible that the girl at Torrid, like many others, just have never tried to purposely push together her boobs or has seen how great her butt looks like in a pair of lacy boy-short panties.

This shared photo is the stunning model, Tess Munster, being absolutely amazing in her bra and panties. Please click this photo to visit her Facebook page! Photo by: Captured by Chelzea


Unfortunately I know the reason I never tried corsets or other sexy undergarments was because I simply couldn’t find anything that would ever fit.

Today, as the United States continues to grow in size, the demand for plus-sized lingerie is increasing.  Ten years ago it was nearly impossible to find a cute bra in a size 42 D but these days, it’s not nearly as big of a challenge as it once was.  Of course, I still wish that the bras I see in the Victoria Secret window would fit, but at least I know I have other options if I’m wanting to feel sexy.

For the ladies out there:  What do you do when you want to feel sexy?  Is there anything you like to “slip” into?  Or maybe “shove” into if you’re rocking a corset?

Men:  What’s your favorite thing a woman could wear in the bedroom?


I hope you all have a glorious weekend and if you get a chance, I dare you to put on something sexy and admire yourself in the mirror.  😉







PS – Here’s why I love corsets:

April rocking her first corset and embracing her curves for the camera!

April rocking her first corset and embracing her curves for the camera!

6 thoughts on “April is bringing sexy back

  1. The model looks sexy, to me, because she is confident. Her figure (personally) isn’t appealing to me. As in, I wouldn’t look at someone her size and say “woah, so sexy” But it’s confidence! Whatever it takes to make someone feel epic is going to give them the attraction factor no matter what the size. A skinny girl looking uncomfortable wearing a corset wouldn’t look as attractive as a plus sized girl who feels like a sexy beast!
    For me, I agree, I love a good corset to suck in the pudge and push up the puppies. I have a nice curve in my waist so a corset really accentuates that and my boyfriend loves it. I admit, it’s been a while, this post has inspired me to get another corset! I love your writing style, please visit my blog if you have a moment =) http:/hippotohot.blogspot.com

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