April’s One Month Check-In!

Hello readers!

It was just over a month ago that I decided to give up double decker tacos to become a double chinner instead.  The motivation that I have gained from writing on my sister Alyssa’s blog has provided me with much success that I am pleased to share with you all today!

Since my first weigh-in on October 1st, I am down 6 pounds after five weeks of jumping up and down a pound or two.  This week was the first time I lost weight consecutively two weeks in a row as well!

I tried to exercise more by going for a walk/run along side a wetland close to where I work.  I also went on an intense hike yesterday in my Natural Resources class that left me embarrassingly pink and longing for a pony tail holder that I had forgotten in the car. With the addition of my hula hooping, my waist has been whittling away like the faith of my fellow Californians in knowing if GMO’s are in our food or not.

Speaking of hula hooping, I’ve got the results of my Hula Hoop Challenge!  I originally measured in with a 45″ inch waist but when I measured myself a few days later for Myfitnesspal.com I measured at 44 inches.  I should start measuring by the mole on my stomach or something because it’s hard to keep track of where exactly it was that I measured!

But either way, my newest measurement was only 41.5″!!!  That’s a 2 1/2 inch loss off my waist in five weeks!!!   I feel like I was really bloated a month ago with my summer habits and now that I’m back on a healthier way of life, getting the inches off my waist was rather easy since I’m no longer feeling so fluffy.

I did not successfully do my Acu-Hoop for ten minutes a day for every day of the month like I planned.  I averaged about five times a week for two reasons.   One was that there were days when sitting down and being lazy seemed better than standing for ten minutes shaking my hips with the dogs barking at me.  The better excuse that prevented me from hula hooping is that I WAS SORE!  I was getting these horrible pulled muscle feelings at times when I would stand up or sit down and after two weeks of thinking something was wrong with me, I realized it was probably because I was overexerting my abs.  So I cut back and now the pain isn’t happening as much.  Plus I decided I should only do seven or eight minutes at a time instead because after eight minutesis when it really starts to hurt.

When I lost the nine inches years before, I was using a three-pound hoop.  I somewhat regret buying the five pound hoop because it seems for every day use, it seems to be too much weight.  Maybe once I am super fit that hoop won’t have such an effect on me but for now, getting through ten minutes every day is rough!

So if you’re thinking about getting one of hoops, don’t necessarily pay attention to the pound suggestion the website has for which size you should get!

But enough with these words, here are my progress photos!

Lots of love,

7 thoughts on “April’s One Month Check-In!

  1. Amazing progress! That’s so fantastic and you can really tell in the photos! The pounds loss is great but INCHES don’t lie! So proud of you and happy for you!!! I am really thinking about getting one of these hula hoops now!

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  3. Hey April! So I was totally floored by your review/progress from this interesting and fun sounding gadget. So, I bought one, and I’m just wondering, am I really THAT uncoordinated?! I can’t get the thing to stay up on my hips for more than 4 or 5 revolutions! Does it take time to get the swing of it? I was really looking forward to hooping in front of the tube, but at the point I feel like I’m getting more of an arm/leg workout needing down and picking the danged thing up so much :/

  4. Hi Tanya! it actually took me about 2 months to finally be able to get it to go around my waist more than just 2 times. What finally made me able to do it is that one of the other girls at my gym start yelling at me to go faster faster faster… somehow it made me able to do it. Don’t get too discouraged because it definitely takes time to be able to do it but I bet in a couple weeks from now you’ll be doing it like a pro.keep at it and don’t give up and if you need someone to yell at you maybe we can Skype one day, haha.

    • Tanya,

      I am using the accu-hoop and I found that the motion that keeps it going is with one leg in front (kinda like a lunge position) and only rocking my hips forward and backwards. NOT trying to go in a circle 🙂 — don’t know if that will help but figured if it works for me it might work for you. Good Luck!

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