April’s first week in England

Hello, faithful readers!   I’m writing to you all from the land of London where the thick air fills my lungs and blackens the inside of my nose as if I’ve spent the entire night at a rave in an abandoned warehouse.

But unfortunately, people at raves are much kinder than those in this city.  It is sad to say that I am eager to depart for my next destination of Wales and Ireland for this city is wearing me out.  How can everyone be in such a hurry ALL the time?!

I’ve had a ton of exercise this past week chasing buses and rushing catch the next train on the London Underground, going up and down stairs faster than I ever would back in California.  Not to mention the miles I have walked exploring places like The British Museum, the Horniman Museum, and Regent’s Park.

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If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by the city life, I highly suggest taking advantage of one of the many gorgeous and sprawling parks that London has to offer.  I felt so at peace in Regent’s Park that I was inspired to do some yoga and even a few Pilate’s planks, holding on to that strength I gained over the Spring.

The highlight of my past week has been my trip out to the countryside to visit my friend Kenji in the Malvern Hills.  Kenji welcomed me to his Mum’s Bed and Breakfast/Gallery of local artists called Blue Ginger, after arriving in England only the day before.  Besides cooking for me and making me the best tea, Kenji took me out for a long hike up one of the highest peaks in the area, a large hill of nearly 1,400 feet overlooking Wales and England.  I’m not sure how far we walked or how long it was for, I was too enthralled by the glorious green views.  Even through the rain that began to pour down on us like the tears of Andy Murray at last year’s Wimbledon, I knew that we had to make it to the top.  Once we reached our destination, the sun peaked through the clouds and teased me with the hopes of a rainbow but only granted us moments of sunshine before hiding again.

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I feel like I have already lost five pounds because of the massive amounts of walking I have done each day.  I can’t say I’m eating healthy, unless you consider bread and cheese part of a nutrition filled diet.  I am however sticking to eating my veggies as they are what my body has been craving most.  This next week my cousins from Chicago arrive and we’ll explore the UK more before heading away from these islands onwards to Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, and finally ending in Portugal.

Although my laptop tragically got destroyed thanks to Iceland Air throwing around my bag (never check in your electronics, lesson learned), I hope to try to blog weekly to let you all know how I am doing.

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8 thoughts on “April’s first week in England

  1. I’m so jealous! And I’m sure the people of London are just like those in Los Angeles. Not necessarily unfriendly, just so damn busy and self absorbed. I’m shamed to say I’m probably like that too sometimes!

  2. Thanks everyone!! I’ve been quite fortunate on this trip, I think! And Alyssa, there is no way you’re ever as rude as a Londoner.

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