April’s Detox Review: Week One

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

So I made it through my first week of detoxing!  And now that it’s been eight days, I can honestly say that I feel fantastic!   The first two days were hard as my body was not used to not having any caffeine and I also went through some major slumps of tiredness once the evenings hit.  I caved on Day 5 when I was stressed with school, went to bed at 5 am for two hours because of an earlier nap,  and ended up locking my keys in the car.   I realized as I sipped on the Red Bull that had been hiding out in my trunk how quick I am to turn to sugar when I’m upset.  I have known for my whole life that I am an emotional eater, but since it had been five days without any artificial sugars or caffeine, I felt a new sense of guilt come over me this time.

I also caved on Day 7 when I attended a birthday party.  I didn’t eat as much as I normally would at a BBQ birthday and even managed to resist the grocery store-bought cupcakes.  I did however indulge in some magnificent brownie/rice crispy treat/peanut butter treats that were WAY worth the calories.   Plus, after you see my results of the week, I really think my body desperately needed some calories.  Of course, they probably could have come in a different form and less sugary form but whatever, no regrets from these happy taste buds.

I ended up losing six pounds from Sunday morning to the following Sunday morning bringing my new weight loss total down to TEN pounds since the beginning of 2013. WOOHOO!  I already puffed up two pounds from the indulgences on Sunday but am hoping after the work-out I did afterwards and the two hours of yoga and Pilates today will leave me still with dropping numbers when I do my weekly-weigh in on Wednesday.

If you look back at my first detox post, you will see some examples of meals I was making.  I ended up abandoning my macrobiotic lentil/brown rice/split pea mixture after two servings because it was just so….thick.  However the potassium broth was amazing to have for dinners and I ended up keeping the potatoes and cabbage for the extra calories to get me through the day.

A lovely collage of my week of detoxing!

Here is an example of what I basically did every day – keep in mind that basically I was just throwing things together in a bowl and eating everything raw, except for my delicious potato dinner.  I also have been drinking the tea one or two times a day.


1/2  apple

1/2  pear

1/3 cup  vanilla low-fat yogurt

1 tablespoon  sunflower seeds

1 tablespoon raisins

Blend together in a bowl.

Morning Snack

An orange or other piece of fruit


1/2 cucumber

1/4 red pepper

1 tomato

chopped clove of garlic

lemon juice



salt and pepper

Afternoon Snack

1/2 package of dried seaweed

Homemade vegetable juice (tomato, carrots, broccoli, parsley, garlic, chives, kale, spinach, cabbage)


Potassium Broth (see other blog)

Roasted tri-color baby potatoes (roasted with a bit of olive oil, chopped fresh garlic, salt, and pepper)

Evening Snack


Other things I ate during the week when I was too busy to prepare food at home included a pack of vegetarian avocado sushi, a thai carrot salad from Whole Foods and two trips to Juice Squeeze for their vegetable juice.

As you also saw in the picture, this week didn’t come with out help from the Whole Foods supplement world.  The “Complete Body Cleanse” was $12.99 and was much cheaper than it would have been to buy the beneficial ingredients separately.  You can get an exact breakdown of the ingredients with that link but basically it came with a bottle of cleaning-fiber blend capsules, herbal regularity laxatives, and milk thistle liver cleanse capsules.    Yes, you read that right, laxatives.

And no, I have not once had to make a mad dash to the bathroom clenching my Pilates strong ass muscles together to avoid a horrible disaster.  Actually, I was REALLY hesitant about taking them because the idea of laxatives reminds me of enemas which reminds me of what it must be like to give birth to a poo baby. Hah!

Without getting too graphic, even with all these supplements, I have actually remained quite regular.  I might be going more than often, but it’s nothing traumatizing.  And don’t worry, male readers, when I say that I’m “going more”, all I really mean is that I am creating more glitter and rainbows for the magical unicorn world where girls don’t poop.

So there you have it, folks.

I’ll report back in a week to let you know how Week Two does… I do happen to be visiting the Double Chinning queen herself, ALYSSA, this weekend… and hopefully we’ll be able to behave ourselves with maybe only a little bit of indulgence through food. Right, Alyssa?! I can’t go to LA without having guacamole!)  Maybe she can make me that low-fat Superbowl Guacamole recipe instead.

Thanks for all your support!

Lots of love,







2 thoughts on “April’s Detox Review: Week One

  1. Your body adjusts to fiber and you go very normally… daily. Anyone not going at least once a day… youre not eating enough fiber and greens! anyway.. definitely looks like youre getting your fluids in, with a higher fiber intake the body needs much water to move it all along. the glitter, I mean 😉
    congrats on all the on scale and non scale victories this week. I noticed that you said you passed on store bought cupcakes, thats huge- not just saying no but knowing that store bought taste blah, all the same and so NOT worth the calories. Home made or special items are always way more worth the calories. Its not a cheat, its a treat. Enjoy it.
    Have a wonderful week 2 <3

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