Another year older

Hi Bloggies:

Sorry for the radio blog silence! I took a few days off to celebrate my 27th birthday and visit my family and friends in my former stomping ground of the beautiful Sonoma county.

Sonoma County

What’d I do on my days off, you ask? I slept in, I went in a hot tub, I drank champagne, I ate tortilla chips, I saw Dark Shadows, I shopped in downtown Petaluma, I ate cake, I slept in, I played with dogs, I ate, I slept in, I tried an atomic buffalo turd , I opened lovely gifts, I laughed a ton, I ate, I drank, I relaxed.

It was awesome. We celebrated five birthdays at my parents’ Mexican fiesta on Saturday night – mine, my brother’s, my father in-law’s, my sister’s and my best friend’s. I had an amazing time -far too amazing to quickly recount as my eyes are drooping and my bed is luring me in with its siren song. I’ll be back tomorrow with a more proper recap – mainly highlighting all the very naughty, very sinful, very delicious things I crammed in my gullet. I hope you had a lovely weekend, too!

Birthday Cake!

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