10 Day Liver Cleanse and Detox: Metagenics Clear Change, Day Three

Hi Chinners, happy Tuesday! Remember how last month I found out that I had elevated liver enzymes? So basically, there was one liver count test where the high average was supposed to be like 30.. and mine was 120. Yeah, about that. So I really don’t drink, maybe prior to going on Metformin, once a week, a glass of wine or two. I do know that I’m the cheapest date in the world in that it takes me only one glass of wine to get a buzz, and I’m super easily affected by caffeine. All of these things can point to a sensitive liver, which clearly I haz. (HELP ME! MY BLOGGING IS TURNING ME INTO A LOLCAT!)

A delicious detox-approved green salad, with chick peas, avocado, cucumber, tomato and assorted butter lettuce.

A delicious detox-approved green salad, with chick peas, avocado, cucumber, tomato and assorted butter lettuce.

Under my awesome doctor’s orders, we decided to do a liver detox and re-test my liver enzymes after six weeks. The six week mark is fast approaching, so I ordered the Metagenics Clear Change Program – 10 Day. I specifically waited to start the cleanse until after FitBloggin’, because  I didn’t want to have any issues with my stomach while doing things like bouncing around on mini-trampolines or trying out crossfit for the first time. On Saturday, I made a very expensive Whole Foods trip and stocked up on organic pears, apples, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, beets, carrots, rice cakes and organic, unfiltered, unsweetened apple juice. In addition to ingredients you provide yourself, you drink a “medical shake” a few times daily.

The food part of the detox basically involves a vegan, whole foods diet from days one through three with some milk substitutes and rice allowed, and then on day four, you start getting more hardcore with no rice, no milk substitutes and no meat. Days five to seven are what have me shaking in my boots – those are days where I can only eat “Cruciferous vegetables”, aka, the fart-bombs of veggie-land; broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage and greens. Oh my. Thankfully on those days I can still have some beans and my lovely organic apples and pears, but YIKES. I get HANGRY when I’m hungry, so this should be interesting.

A healthy mixed vegetable stir fry over a tiny bit of brown rice.

A healthy mixed vegetable stir fry over a tiny bit of brown rice.

So far I’ve been feeling okay. Days one through two were easy, though I had to watch it to “remember” I couldn’t eat certain things. Thankfully I love vegetables, so eating like a rabbit isn’t really unpleasant for me. However, today has been a little more dicey, as I started taking the detoxification capsules and shakes, and I’m feeling kind of run down and sluggish. Not to mention I’ve got some interesting stomach things going on, but as my handy little program guide tells me, these types of signals are all just signs that the program is working. Of course the few hardest days happen RIGHT WHEN OUR AIR CONDITIONER BREAKS AND IT’S GOING TO BE 104 DEGREES. Murphy’s law, right? Such is life…

So now that you know what’s up with me and my liver, tell me — have you ever tried a detox or a cleanse? What was it like? Did you experience any amazing after effects?




29 thoughts on “10 Day Liver Cleanse and Detox: Metagenics Clear Change, Day Three

  1. Once I did the “master cleanse.” I made it to day 4 of 7. Yuck. Just say no. Never again. I think I could do something like what you are doing though.

  2. I tried a 24 juice cleanse a few months ago. Please swear by them, right?!!? Well, not this girl…I need to CHEW my food! I do see the benefit of detoxifying and cleansing every once in awhile, but if I choose to do it again – it will be with a veggie based, vegan diet just like you are doing here. Good luck with the rest of the detox!

  3. I am way too chicken to do a cleanse. 😉 But remind me to invite myself over for dinner the next time you are making that stir fry pictured above. YUM!!!!!

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  5. Ah, the “Cleanse”. The only cleanse I have ever done is the AdvoCare 10 day cleanse. I get to eat veggies, lean protein, fruit, and things like oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice while taking awesome nutritional supplements. I could never do a liquid cleanse or something was nasty tasting, so this was great for me. Those who stick to the plan usually lose 3-6 lbs and get the sludge out of their system.

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  16. I’ve done 10 day detox three times and right now I’m bracing myself to do another one. It is hard to start, but when you are in the middle of it, I think it is not bad.

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