Alyssa’s 16 Pounds Lost Progress Pix

Hello, hello! How are things? My weigh-in on Tuesday wasn’t stellar — I was up 2.2 pounds. But, not gonna let it get me down. Pickin’ myself up and brushin’ myself off, because I seem to be in a little bit of a big loss, then gain, then another big loss type pattern. I was holding water from some yummy food on my weekend away, and I’ve been back at the tracking and exercise with a vengeance. So I know next week will be better. Moving on to Non-Scale Victories!

I’ve been wanting to update my progress pix for awhile, and now that I’ve officially passed a 15 pound milestone, I thought it was time. It’s frustrating to think that it took me since June to lose these 16 pounds, BUT, I’d rather take it suuuuuper slow than nothing at all, if it means I’ll eventually get there. Without further ado, here’s what I look like minus 16 pounds. (And unfortunately, there’s no poorly photoshopped cats this time around. Next time!)




I’m so glad I have these pictures, because on days where it feels like it’s just not worth it to try to lose weight, I can look at these and SEE change. Especially through my mid-section. Whenever my middle starts to whittle, I know that what I’m doing is working. Even better? The joyous “You’ve lost weight!” exclamation from friends who haven’t seen me in awhile. Love it, love it, love it. But it’s not really about how I look — it’s more about how I feel. And I’m feeling good. I have more energy, my body feels less tense, and I’m not huffing and puffing from simple things. I’m so glad I’m finally seeing some progress on this very long road I’ve been traveling on for several years. It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, the future is within my reach — and it’s very bright!

18 thoughts on “Alyssa’s 16 Pounds Lost Progress Pix

  1. Progress pictures are the best! On days when I’m feeling particularly good about my fitness, I’ll sometimes snap a picture of myself just so on my puffy days I can look at the picture and remember that I look better than I feel.

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  3. I got to see you in the flesh this last weekend so you are looking amazing. I love that in the last picture you got a booty shelf going! Keep up the great work friend, we have a big gain ahead of us after we lose 😉

  4. Wow, you look amazing! congratulations on your progress and your beautiful body! has amazing kickboxing classes I love, and they’ve really been helping me whip back into shape! Will look to you for inspiration! xxx

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  6. Congrats. How much have you lost to date? ION, I have noted that its possible to go for the ‘fast weight loss’ approach at first (lose about 40% of your target), then switch to gradual weight loss. It will cut your time in half, and the final part of the routine will make sure that the results last. Not a proven theory though…maybe I just got lucky thrice! LOL!

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