The Double Chin Diary is a humor weight loss and healthy living blog written by two sisters from either side of California; Alyssa in Los Angeles, and April in San Francisco. Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here.

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Alyssa’s Story:

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Alyssa. I’m approaching 30, am married to an awesome guy, live in LA, and work as a social media manager for an awesome national event. I have two kitties, Lucia and Oliver, and in my free time, I love gardening and shopping. My friends might say I’m funny, kind-hearted and honest, sometimes to a fault. I’m not too shy, pretty confident, and I really believe that laughter is what makes life worth living. I love food, cooking and writing — which is why you’ve ended up on the Double Chin Diary! Thank you so much for stopping by.




What the #@!* is the Double Chin Diary? And why does it have such a weird name? The Double Chin Diary is two sisters’ virtual journal of our struggles to lose weight while navigating a world filled with delicious food.

The Double Chin Diary is not your mother’s weight loss blog. The DCD is a weight-loss blog full of ooey, gooey, crunchy, crispy weight loss humor and lots of yummy food. Why is this blog called the Double Chin Diary? Well, because most people who want to lose weight are sporting the much-despised facial feature of a double chin. A double chin can actually be a very humorous addition to an otherwise nice portrait, if you’re willing to laugh about it rather than cry!

The Double Chin Diary is brought to you by two real-live, bonified, authentic, fat people. These fat people have struggled with their weight their whole lives, and figured, why not poke some jiggly fat fun at it? Join us as we face the struggles of weight loss with flair, flamboyance and our forks. Help us fight our food-loving demons and leave our love/hate relationship with Ben and Jerry behind. Let’s be in to win it and lose that double chin…the old fashioned way, one calorie at a time. We’re on a mission — a mission to lose weight without losing out sense of humor.

* Please note that this blog will never be written in mean spirit, but is intended to amuse, educate and entertain, rather than torture or bully.

April’s story:

Hello, readers!  I am Alyssa’s older sister, April.  I live in a lovely town north of San Francisco where I like to spend my time hiking the hills, taking pictures in the forest and at the beach, and eating some of finest produce found in the United States grown right in my own county!

2013 is a big year for me as I turned 30, I’m back in college full time, and I’m about to be spending four months abroad in Europe!  This is also an important year for me because it is the first year that both my sister and I have decided to fight our weight loss battle together.

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It wasn’t until I was 23 years old and I took a trip back to our family’s native land of Chicago.  On the flight to Chicago I was placed in a front row that didn’t have tray tables you would neatly fold down from the seats in front of you.  Instead, I had to fold my tray table over my lap and to my disgrace, my tray table just wouldn’t fold over my thighs.

Once I got home I joined a local women-only gym that focused on circuit training and nutritional counseling.  I met incredible women who helped me develop the tools I would continue to use for the rest of my life.  I started to work there and gained the guidance of my employer, Jamie, who became my personal cheerleader and nutritionist.  Over six months I was able to lose 50 pounds from working out constantly, eating whole foods, and having the support of the women at the gym.  Never once did I ever feel I had to restrict myself from my favorite indulgences in life, I only had to restrict the amount of portions I was actually enjoying.  I hit a plateau and wasn’t able to lose my final twenty pounds of my goal weight but I was proud of my progress and feeling great!

I managed to keep the weight off for most of my twenties but started to slowly gain it back during a momentary lapse of depression.  Once I was a mere ten pounds from gaining back all the weight I once lost, I freaked out.  I started working out again and focused hard on giving up my bad habits like drinking soda and eating Taco Bell.  Alyssa and I would talk about our weight loss together on the phone and send each other motivating text messages while huffing away on a treadmill. Soon my sister asked me to join her blog as a writer and of course, I said yes!  I am so excited to be able to share my experience with Alyssa and with all of you!

Thank you so much for reading and may all of our chins consist of only one!