A Rumble in the Bronx

A rumble in the Bronx is not just a cheesetastic Jackie Chan movie – it’s also my friend Jason’s hilarious way of saying he’s got some issues in the belly area. All week I’ve also been suffering from a rumble in the Bronx – a sure effect of all the rich food I crammed in my mouth on my vacation. As someone who subsists on greek yogurt, fruit, tons of vegetables and very little meat, my week-long adventure into meat and potatoes land left me feeling a little green.

I didn’t overeat all week (Yay! That’s one benefit of being on the road – you eat 3 solid meals with no snacks), but what I DID eat was salty, greasy, and rich – three things that normally don’t make their way into my weekly eating habits. (Nobody said anything about the weekend, mind you. haha) I started with some cheddar cheese curds in Wisconsin… so fresh they squeak against your teeth!

Squeaky Cheese!

Then, I HAD to have an authentic vienna beef Chicago hot dog that was “dragged through the garden” (Chicagoans term for a hotdog with EVERYTHING, even fiery sport peppers).

Vienna Beef Hot Dog from Portillos

Then, (I had this three times), my ultimate Chicago favorite – a spicy Italian Beef sandwich draped with sweet peppers and nestled into a soft roll with melted cheddar cheese.

Where's the beef?

As you can see, none of these meals win the “A Skinny Person You Shall Be” award, but they all the win the “OMG delicious noms I never get to have” award! When you travel – do you experience adverse physical symptoms in response to what you eat? Or do you play it safe and stick with your usual eating routine?

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4 thoughts on “A Rumble in the Bronx

  1. No wonder you had the rumbles! But I do the same thing on vacation. Sometimes you just have to have your faves, or the experience just isn’t the same.

  2. I NEEEED those cheese curds!! Whenever we’re on vacation I definitely pig out. But since most of the places we’ve gone to involve lots of walking around, I give myself less of a guilt trip and remind myself that “when in Rome…EAT like the Romans do.”

  3. Those cheese curds were awesome. I have no idea why we can’t make them in California. Our dinner is Wisconsin, we had the choice of three side “vegetables” with our meal. “Vegetables included: macaroni and cheese, fried apples, baked potato, mashed potato, etc.

  4. My last meal in the midwest was an Italian Combo. Italian Beef covering an Italian sausage topped with giardiniera. That was soooo good. It wasn’t until I came back to California that I had the “Rumble in the Bronx”. There must be an acclimation period to heavier beer and healthier food.

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