A muddy way to work out!

Hi everyone, it’s April! It’s a magical experience when one can successfully combine burning a ton of calories and having a ton of fun at the same time!  My normal idea of a fun work out normally involves hiking up the baby mountains in my area but really the only excitement in that is the gorgeous views and seeing the occasional pair of mating animals.   That exercise does great on my ass and legs but does nothing for my horrible floppy “bingo wings” of arms!

Well, this past weekend I found a way to work out while both having a blast and utilizing EVERY part of my body!  I joined up with two friends to do something called Mud Factor, a 5K mission through mud!  It had a variety of obstacles that you had to climb over, crouch under, and pull yourself up on.  I managed to do every obstacle but two – a 20ft rope wall and a low-triangle-shaped structure to climb over that required other people to push me up the super slippery slope.  After I fell on my first attempt I gave up because there was a huge line of people waiting and I couldn’t bare to have my ass slide down upon all those people yet again!

It turned out that most of the obstacles came with ease and I did not come tumbling down the huge structures like I had first imagined!  I like to think that my climbing skills from my monkey ancestors never really left me and when it comes to doing climbing things with the agility of my legs, I manage pretty well.  My arms, however, not at all.  (which is why I failed at the two obstacles I didn’t do)

Rooting on my friend, Christian, to get up and over one of our first climbing obstacles!

Sadly that very structure pictured did cause me to over extend my left leg and pull a muscle in my thigh which inevitably caused me not to be able to exercise for the next five days. My body was definitely very sore besides my pulled muscle so I know that means I got a great workout!  Plus, it was super fun getting all dirty on purpose!

How about you guys?  What’s the most fun way you’ve ever worked out? Would you do a mud obstacle course?

A very dirty and happy April.

Now that the weekend is here there is another chance to be had with a fun work out.  I hope you guys have one!

Peace and monkeys,


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4 thoughts on “A muddy way to work out!

  1. These 5K events always look so fun but they always seem prohibitively expensive. I’ve wanted to do Tough Mudder or the Zombie run, but they’re usually close to $90. Sounds like good fun though.

    I like hiking. Some trails feel like an obstacle course and the views are almost always worth it.

  2. I tried Zumba for the first time last week and I had a blast! To be honest I really enjoyed all the booty shakin’!! I would totally try a mud obstacle course, it looks fun!

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