A Major Non Scale Victory

Sweaty after bootcamp, but loving my pretty purple “stay dry” tank.

So, on Tuesday I was all pouty because I gained a pound. Tonight, I realized that I’ve foolishly been looking for reward in only one place – the scale. I’ve been trying to do a couple of group exercise classes every week, because it’s the best way for me to get the full hour of cardio in without sneaking off early like I’m inclined to do if it’s just me and the treadmill.

I sweated my butt off in Bootcamp tonight, and about halfway through I realized something. I was winded, sweaty and tired – but I was keeping up. I didn’t need breaks to catch my breath, and I was doing the intermediate moves. I attacked the 45 squats with gusto and didn’t freak out when we did 100 knee kicks in a row. As I started putting two and two together, I realized “Holy crap! This is working! I’M GETTING IN SHAPE!!!”

I’m always amazed at how long it takes to get in shape and how quickly you can get out of shape. It makes sense that I’d be starting to feel some results now as I’ve been back to my old gym since September and working out more than ever. This was exactly the reminder I needed that helps me remember why I need to stay on track and keep pushing. I may not see the number move on the scale, but tonight, I felt great! I left the class drenched and tired, but my endorphins were rushing, my body felt loose and limber and my skin had that pretty pink glow. It’s times like this that I remember that success in weight loss isn’t just about a number – it’s about how you feel.

Sadly, I’m one of these people. “I skipped the french fries! Did I lose weight yet?”

Are you the type of person that expects instant reward when it comes to weight loss, too? Have you had any “non scale victories” lately?


7 thoughts on “A Major Non Scale Victory

  1. Your purple tank top is super cute (as are you, dahling.) I’m glad to see that you’re feeling happier and more pumped up! *high five!*

  2. Hell yea for getting in shape! I had a non-scale victory last night while doing squats. I wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the light or what but I swear I saw tiny peek of muscle definition on the tops of my thighs!

  3. Since I was super athletic from the time I was little through high school, that feeling of being in shape is actually one of the most rewarding feelings for me…I love feeling like my body is strong and powerful. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately I’m totally someone who is looking for immediate results. But quite fortunately, I’ve been able to calm myself and realize that not all results are on the scale. And I know that if I start to cheat myself now, then I’ll never see results in my body or on the scale. Today I noticed a shirt that was originally tight on me has loosened up a bit, it was a great feeling to know that I’m slowly but surely slimming down. Congrats to both of us on realizing some NSV!

  5. This is something I managed to NOT get from C25K, that I was MAJORLY looking for- improvement. But now my friend here is training me with Jeff Galloway’s method and I am running a 5k in two weeks. YUP. WTF am I thinking? But I’m hoping that will give me the ability to improve and get fit like you’re talking about! FX. And great job!!!! You sexay fit gurrrl!

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